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Do you think this will effect the way Louis sees fans and maybe interacts with us? I literally see him going back to his 2013 self where he barely tweets and doesn't stop for fans :/

That very well could happen and honestly? I don’t blame him. This crazed girl said she was a fan of 1D and look what she fucking did?! Even if Eleanor did reach for her phone, does that warrant a person to corner them, punch and kick them, pull their hair and call them a whore? In what circumstance is this okay?

I think Louis knows most of us aren’t like that, but now is the time for us to really show it! Get #wesupportEleanor trending-show him we support him and his girlfriend. Even if you’re not a fan of Eleanor, show your support for her as a VICTIM! Show Louis that most of the fandom-HIS REAL FANS! will not tolerate the abuse of Louis, his girlfriend, and his family/friends. 

Show Louis that we’re just as disgusted about this whole thing as he is