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Okay but holy shit. Because that makes so much sense. Also I need you to get to friendship now! But the sneak attack is quite literally Maya's feelings for Lucas.

YES. Maya’s feelings are hinted at BIG TIME in this episode - and if you watch her, if you analyze her movement, her expressions, and, specifically, look at the classroom then the detention scene that I’ll get to; it IS obvious that this is IT. This is where she starts to feel for real.

As someone deftly pointed out, Missy is the farthest thing from “sneaky”, really. Hell, she’s described by Maya as a “bulldozer in a pink swear”!

The first thing that tickled me was the large number of reaction shots of Maya this episode, in parallel with what has become an essential tendency for Riley to ASK others what she feels. Hence, I started looking at both, and really comparing/contrasting in some essential scenes of the episode; and that brought the question of WHAT EXACTLY is JEALOUSY? Is it a spectrum? Are there different types of jealousy? @yeoldeshipper is absolutely catching my drift on that reflection: here (X) she posted a really neat cheat-sheet of JEALOUSY - read and be amazed how relevant it is. I’ve got a Maya/Missy set in the works to really telegraph all those observations we’re making - there is definite head-on confrontation between the two, practically rivalry. Maya’s responses to her, as well as to Lucas and her (noting Lucas’s responsiveness to Missy, which is hard to ignore in those 2 scenes at the beginning, and hell, even a little at the caf, up until she shoves food in his face and becomes downright nasty), are more emphatic than if she were just protecting Riley, especially when you realize how collected Riley becomes as the episode winds down - cafeteria and detention scenes. This classroom outburst is, frankly, the height of Riley’s freak-out, and the hallway scene that follows is more rooted in embarrassment than anything else, while Maya’s throwing words like “I loathe you” at Missy and staring her down like she’s about to kill her in that classroom. Add Farkle to this mix, and watch how Riley’s expansiveness is tamped down - you get even more depth to this whole episode (when I first watched it, all I saw was “jealous” Riley; boy did I miss the boat).

Now when I really looked at that classroom scene, and put the bookends together, so to speak, with the detention scene: something CLICKED. Namely, how they were using Missy to inform Maya’s character (blocking and costumes!), and, superimposing that with the Pearl Harbor lesson and how Cory was almost narrating (more than usual) = THE DAM FREAKING BROKE for me. From that point, you can start seeing all the foreshadowing and all the parallels with the later SOL/GMT/GMNY. It’s simply mind-boggling - and tells you that these writers had a clear vision of their characters and where they wanted to take them, from the get-go. I’ve put this up before, but it’s really one of those interviews that speaks to that vision, and my favorite bit from MJ is this:  I’m a funny optimist, which means I believe the best things will happen, but there’s always a funny road to get there. The beginning and end of the story is never as interesting to me as the middle. All good television shows – all good storytellers – can come up with a beginning and an end. The struggle is the center.” (X)

So, we know S1 is the season of FRIENDSHIP - and as I’m getting to shortly, it’s interesting that for Riley/Lucas, this whole affair ends on a note of friendship. S2 is the season of GROWTH, when we start getting much more development, for all characters individually, and their dynamic: Riley’s framework still hasn’t been fully blown, BUT it was finally, irrevocably, irreparably shaken by the Texas saga - and nothing will ever be the same. It snuck up on Riley, it snuck up on ALL OF US. A decent part of the audience would have more or less accepted Lucas felt for Maya (which he does, and he does first - before he feels for Riley - as the first 3 episodes I’ve covered have shown), but the BIG SURPRISE, the “sneak attack”, was Maya’s feelings. In fact, I was in disbelief - but rewatching, all the puzzle pieces are coming together. And now, now we’re abutting and starting the season of FEELINGS - and that destination was also set from the Pilot. How can you love two different women? Can you be jealous is different ways, to varying degrees? What you think you’re feeling is not necessarily what you are really feeling. These characters all have ground to gain in terms of insight into their feelings, but we, as viewers, if we care to look at their journey over the course of these 2 seasons can definitely see the subtleties and the differences in their mutual relationships. And it’s a beautiful and wonderful foray into the human emotional experience.

Re: Friendship. Man, I am dreading and excited to get to it!

Re: The concept of “echo” characters I brought up -  it’s not an uncommon occurrence that characters act as foils to each other, at different times, in different ways. You can find that in literature, theater, film. And this really is the visual embodiment of that idea. It’s sneaky but gives you so much more information about the characters if you pay attention. I’ve been informed that this concept has been theorized about by @bmgmw and @yeoldeshipper; so in the interest of consistency, I will take up their term of “shadow characters”.

Here are the posts on GM Sneak Attack, so far:

  • Jealousy? P1; The two hallway scenes, Missy/Maya/Riley (X)
  • Jealousy? P2; Bay window; Riley’s unawareness; Riley/Maya/Farkle (X)
  • The Sneak Attack. Major Foreshadowing P1; the classroom (X)
  • Bonus receipts: Riarkle at the bay window (X)
  • MORE coming up

Most importantly, thank you everyone for jumping in, expanding upon and adding to the thoughts/ideas I’m throwing out there! You’re all wonderful to read. @yeoldeshipper @bmgmw @westwingwolf @cowboyandshortstack @mayaahrt @rescueslove4life @huckleberryshortstack

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besides your braintwin, who else in the fandom do u recommend?

Okay I’m really bad at remembering stuff like this off the top of my head, so I’m going to apologize in advance b/c I know I’m going to forget people and this won’t be a complete list. Anyway here’s some cool people:

@blyedeeks –fellow geriatric GMW fandom member w/ some great metas (and i love your tags)
@its-austen-anon-scholar –if you like well thought out literary parallels/analysis w/ GMW, check her out. All of her stuff is great.
@westwingwolf –  great gifsets and analyses
@theveepueco –great videos!
@jacksonavery –love their gifs (also it took me forever to realize you used to be happyholizays lol)
@calyjan –literally would not have been able to see the episodes early w/o her
@girlmeetsparksandrec –two of my favorite shows in one :)
@kacie-ville– also great gifs and parallels
@cowboyandshortstack –I also enjoy their perspective!

oh and @girlmeetslessons!! I’m so glad she recently joined the fandom! She’s going back and rewatching the show (without Iooking at theories I think) and analyzing it and providing some excellent receipts. I can’t wait till she gets to analyzing Friendship

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I never abandon ship! Of course, I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, but I still think I’ll ship it!

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Still here. Upset, but still here^^

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I don’t stop shipping something just because it explodes in my face. If I did that, I wouldn’t have any ships left.

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Hi! Lol I basically asked this same question yesterday. All I saw was FU, DASHeverywhere, but glad that a few of us still remain. Personally, I don’t care if the ship is technically together or not, only that they are interesting and provide lots of room for exciting drama/conflict.  

I have no theories because their dynamic could go so many different ways (and I love that) but I always think there is a chance for any interesting character to be redeemed. I just hope they don’t redeem him too quickly if they choose to go that route - Dash should pay for what he’s done first and pay dearly. At this point, he’s due for at least a season’s worth of penitence. 

DASHRID LIVES! (And by that I mean Dashrid shippers live!)

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Do you imagine Andrew & Bridget are happy and being cute in cancelled TV land?

Why? Why would you do that to me? Maybe I just want to move on from Ringer and not look back. Because if I look back I am lost. LOST IN FEELINGS. >_<

Yes. Yes I do imagine that they are happy and being cute and have rescued Shiv’s twins from her psychotic ways and are now raising them together. I don’t even fucking care. IT’S A TWISTED SOAP OPERA. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT WITH THESE CHARACTERS.

Oh god my heart hurts now. I thought I was over this pain.

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who are some good tumblrs to talk to about girl meets world or just about anything in general? I'm new to the fandom and I want to talk and make some friends!

Hi there!
I’m sort of a “noob” in this fandom myself.

Because my purpose was to analyze and really discuss in depth about the show, I have found myself gravitating toward people like @yeoldeshipper and @bmgmw. They have been around for a while, and seem to know this show and its predecessor like the back of their hands AND they’re quite approachable. They’ve been very welcoming to me.

People like @mayaahrt, @kacie-ville, @jayciethings and @teddywestsidelove2 also engage in good discussion.

I’ve got a soft spot for @its-austen-anon-scholar who does fantastic literary analysis and is open to taking and fielding asks about that interesting subject matter.

Given my approach, I’ve overall tried to stay away from in depth theories/analysis that have been done because I’m trying to lay down my thoughts as “fresh” as I can, and then bounce them off the fandom. I have however had the following recommended to me in that respect: @westwingwolf, and @cowboyandshortstack; that I can remember.

I, myself, am very open to talking about the show (and I veer off course easily).

Anyway, all this to say, welcome; there’s some weird sh*t you’ll see around, but there’s also a great section of this fandom that is warm and full of great minds.

P.S. Sorry if I missed anyone; I’m in the process of finding my footing here.

Paris as A False Romantic Concept

(Inspiration: http://yeoldeshipper.tumblr.com/post/137782712581/westwingwolf-paris-as-a-false-romantic-ideal) Throughout literature, movies and television Paris is used as a symbol of romance and love. Micheal Jacobs knows this, the producers know this, and the writers know this. As the OP stated, Jacobs used Paris as this idyllic place, referred to multiple times, but it has never been a setting on the show (disregarding Cory’s fantasy, which was not real). Now in Girl Meets Mother, we have that Rilucas scene which even I saw as kind of cute and funny. But it pretty much just sets up Paris as this faraway, unreachable place. Riley doesn’t even speak French, and Lucas speaks in ‘maybe’s and 'someday’s. Then comes Girl Meets Money. Once again we have the image of Paris, as Maya talks about her time strolling down the Champs Elysees. But now the scene takes a curve- Maya acknowledges that “Paris” isn’t real. She first tells Farkle that 'they will never get to Paris’ and when he try’s to show her Paris virtually, she rejects it, telling him that it IS NOT REAL. (Side note - both Riley and Lucas are wrapped up in digital pastimes now with no regard to what is happening.) Jacobs has finally acknowledged how Paris is not really the perfect thing that we have come to idealize, but a false lead. It is another Corpanga for Riley, a goal that she will never accomplish because of her crazy expectations.


Girl Meets Brother/Girl Meets Money

Riley’s first bought the Bleh t-shirt in GM Brother. Cory uses the shirt in GM Money to teach a lesson about not being misled by trendy brands and shiny objects. Riley admits in the beginning of that scene that she likes shiny objects. Riley’s “shiny object” aka her distraction is standing right next to Farkle, but in this moment she is paying attention to the right person and not being misled.

Future Riarkle Proposal
  • Farkle:I know any man you love would offer you the moon & stars because you deserve them, but I wanted to give you something else. *Hands Riley a document*
  • Riley:*reading* You had NASA redeclare Pluto a planet?
  • Farkle:I've been working on it since we were kids. I want you to have everything you want in life. I hope that includes me. *Starts to bend down on one knee*
  • Riley:Yes!
  • Farkle:I haven't even shown you the ring yet.
  • Riley:Doesn't matter. My answer is yes.
  • *They laugh and smile and kiss*
What I'd like to see in the S3 Cold Opening
  • *Riley, Zay & Farkle enter Topanga's:*
  • Riley:I can't believe summer's almost over. Tomorrow we start high school, and I can't wait to see what it brings!
  • Zay:Who cares about that? I can't believe we got through all of summer, and they are still like this.
  • *Lucas & Maya on the sofa bench being cute & couple-like:*
  • Riley:*smiles happily* All summer!
  • Farkle:Well, I don't like it. Maya's different.
  • Riley:She's happy!
  • Farkle:She hasn't yelled at me once. Our friendship is changing.
  • Maya:You knuckleheads better stop talking about us like we're not here!
  • Farkle:We're back!

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Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy - in fact, they are almost incompatible; one emotion hardly leaves room for the other.

- Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land