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Can you please write a Han one where you both like each other but are too scared to admit it, and you get in an argument and end up telling him you like him? Your blog is so amazing!!

A/N: Oo, I really like this prompt; thanks so much for suggesting it! Also, thanks for liking the blog, your kindness means a lot!! :*

Warnings: None

Prompt: The reader and Han reveal their true feelings for each other during a heated argument. 

“I’m telling you,” You began, using your blaster to angrily point in the westward direction, “they went that way.” 

“Just because you always think you’re right,” Han remained where he was; feet placed solidly to the ground, defying your every move. “doesn’t mean that you always are. They went this way.” 

Refusing to give into Han, you began to walk in the direction you believed the runaways you were chasing went in. After taking a few steps and realizing you were not planning on rejoining him, Han swiftly caught up to you. “You have to be this way, don’t you?”

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York, Warwick, and Salisbury held a desperate consultation
with their chief captains torches flaring in the great chamber
of the castle, servants running to fetch meat and beer at the com-
mand of Duchess Cicely, and Richard and George looking on
no doubt from a corner, as a dozen men in full armor hurriedly
debated the issues of life and death. There was no solution but
the hard recourse of flight: Cicely must be left with her two
small boys to the mercy of the court; the remainder of the army
would have to disperse in the darkness as best it could. The Duke
of York, his sons Edward of March and Edmund of Rutland, Warwick, and Salisbury took horse and with a small escort
galloped westward into the night.

When the troops of the King stormed triumphantly into the
undefended town the next morning, they found Cicely, Duchess
of York, and her sons Richard and George courageously await-
ing them on the steps of the market cross. If Cicely had hoped
to protect her helpless townsfolk, her effort was vain. She and
her boys were hustled off to the royal camp. Ludlow was pillaged
as if it were a French town; after the drunken soldiery had looted
dwellings and outraged women, they robbed the castle to its
bare walls.


From “Richard III: The Great Debatte” by Paul Murray Kendall.

It`s details are slightly fictionalised, of course, and we do not know if Cecily stood at the market cross or not, but it must have been quite frightening indeed, for the children and indeed for Cecily too.

Don't honk at me in my own driveway.

So, to make this easier to visualise off the bat, I made a diagram of my wonky driveway (at the bottom).

My house has a paved lot in front of it because it used to be for parking when the house was the mayor’s house, as well as for when my grandparents ran their businesses out of it. The driveway also goes alongside of the house and opens into another pretty big area - basically, what I’m saying is that I have a lot of driveway. My parents park in the back area in/by the garage, while I park out front in the lot by the street. People like to think that they also may use our driveway to pull over and text a bit, read a map, etc.

No. It’s my driveway, damn it.

The other day, I was poised to pull westward out of my driveway, the way I always go to start my journey to visit my sister who lives about forty miles away. I was checking traffic before I even attempted to pull into the road when someone started pulling into the lot part of my driveway, looking to make a u-turn and go back eastbound down the street. Where they ended up going was right in the way of me seeing oncoming traffic, so we ended up reaching an impasse.

Apparently, me trying to get out of my driveway was taking too long for this person, so they honked at me. It’s annoying enough when people honk at you in the streets for something you can’t help, let alone on your own property. As I was still technically safely within my own driveway and not yet pulled into the road, I simply parked my car on the spot, turned it off, and got out. The other person looked like they were about to get out of their car to confront me, but all I did was walk through my driveway lot, through my lawn, up to my front door, and into my house. You know, leaving my car right in their way.

B*tch had to back the f*ck up into the road and make a U-turn down the street.

Don’t honk at me in my own driveway, damn it.


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B • #PlayableCity by artist #TineBech on #CubittStepsBridge #CanaryWharf • part of the #WinterLightsFestival • As you walk across the bridge, #neon #lights change from #Pink to #Blue & #clouds of #fog appear! • #Art #Installation #MackenzieWalk #Westwards #LondonDocklands #EastLondon #London #England #GreatBritain #UnitedKingdom • #winter #evening #11thJanuary #2014 #lofi #lux #st #thest (at Mackenzie Walk East)


#TravelTuesday with Guest Photographer Bob Wick and Retrace Wyoming’s Historic Emigrant Trails!

It’s hard to believe that just over 150 years ago, hundreds of thousands of pioneers traversed these vast high deserts of Wyoming on foot and by wagon seeking a better life in the west. Easterners looking to farm in the rich soils of Oregon or to find riches in the California goldfields, Mormons pulling handcarts towards the Brigham Young’s settlements in the Great Salt Lake Valley, and riders on the short-lived Pony Express mail route all converged west of Casper to make their way over a low point in the Continental divide at South Pass.  

Start your trip to retrace the route at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper, Wyoming. The center has outstanding exhibits interpreting the significant role of the area’s historic trails played in in the history of the United States, and is a great place to get oriented for sites along the route.

As you travel westward from Casper, the landscape unfolds just like it did for the emigrants.  Imagine preparing for your trek and viewing sketches of surreal western land features in your guidebook and then coming upon them in real life. Milestones such as Devils Gate, Independence Rock (usually passed around July 4th), and Split Rock, which acted like a gunsight pointing towards South Pass, served both to guide and encourage the emigrants. The landscape remains relatively unchanged along the route so you can capture photographs of the same untouched places.  At several locations you can view inscriptions left by the emigrants.

Photo Tips: The vast landscapes in Wyoming often have dramatic skies – including sky in a large portion of the image (¾ or more) will help capture a stronger mood of the vastness of this place. Plan your photography around the weather. Clearing storms behind cold fronts, and summer monsoon afternoon/evening cloud buildup offer some of the most dramatic skies here and elsewhere in the west. Flat blue and flat grey skies are visually boring – in these situations you should minimize the amount of sky in your landscape images.

One of my favorite places along the emigrant trails route is South Pass itself. Camping near the base of Oregon Buttes (no facilities), watching the dawn light roll down the Wind River Range and filter across the pass makes one feel how powerful this place must have been as a milestone and gateway to the emigrants.

Photo Tip: Get your camera out before sunrise and don’t put it away after sunset. The soft pink light makes for soft sublime images.

Check out our @esri Historic Emigrant Trails multimedia storymap for more stunning photos, videos, helpful links and maps of the area: mypubliclands.tumblr.com/traveltuesdaywyomingemigranttrails.

Streaming • #LilyPads by artist #ElaBrunelHawes in the #RaisedWaterChannel at #JubileePark #CanaryWharf • part of the #WinterLightsFestival • These #neon #lights change #colour activated by smartphones nearby. Change the colours by connecting to www.lilypad.wifi (via) i.com • #purple #trees #Art #Installation #Westwards #fountains & #cascades #LondonDocklands #EastLondon #London #England #GreatBritain #UnitedKingdom • #winter #evening #11thJanuary #2015 #lofi #lux #st #thest (at Jubilee Park)


(via Sammy-Nominated Westwards Make Music Beyond Their Years - capradio.org)

Westwards completely rocked the SAMMIES, they didn’t win this year, but it won’t be too long. 


These are the road pics I took on our way West. I can’t remember where we were when I shot them. That information is lost to organic memory. But they’re awfully pretty pictures nonetheless, representative of the expansiveness of the empty winter highways over miles and miles of country from Texas to California.


A few weeks ago, my friend Amber and I took part in an urban adventure race in LA called “Challenge Nation” (photos from our adventure are on flickr). Back in January, Ben and I ran into a similar adventure race, but in San Antonio, TX. One of the photosafari items that people had to collect was “man with a moustache”. We were innundated.

I thought it was hilarious. So did Ben. For a little while…

The rest of the photos from our westward journey are on flickr.