Although geologists are fairly confident in their predictions for the next 25 million years of continental movement, any predictions after that are highly speculative. There are many theories for the future development of the Earth, one of the most popular is Pangea Ultima which we’ll be taking you through. On the way to the next supercontinent - Pangea Ultimate - 50 million years from now, North America is predicted to shift slightly west and Eurasia would shift to the east, and possibly even to the south, bringing Great Britain closer to the North Pole and Siberia southward towards warm, subtropical latitudes. Africa is predicted to collide with Europe and Arabia, closing the Mediterranean Sea. A long mountain range would then extend from Iberia, across Southern Europe (the Mediterranean Mountain Range) into Asia. Some are even predicted to have peaks higher than Mount Everest. Similarly, Australia is predicted to beach itself on the doorstep of Southeast Asia and a new subduction zone is predicted to encircle Australia and extend westward across the Central Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, Southern and Baja California are predicted to have already collided with Alaska with new mountain ranges formed between them. #science #geology #paleontology #fossils #continentaldrift #tectonic #earth #today http://ift.tt/1TibzzF