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The sun smiled on you, and you smiled back... But the colors you've dawned have turned the sky black, aware of the Apple, I just wanna Mac... I see the Galaxy in your eyes, Now I'm singing the same song Uncle Sam sung, did god really want us to have westward expanshun?

hmmmm Western Expansion. Was it really meant to happen? Made in His image so the rest were just average. Asking as if I actually have an actual answer. I’m trying but I can’t because so many of us dying. I’m trying but I can’t because so many of us crying. We are here one day and gone the next like hocus pocus. One after another so nobody can stay focused. As the moon changes phases our Sun remains constant. We may change our place but forever know our continent. Abracadabra’s the game that their playing. May I please have a volunteer for this post-mental slaying.