News Flash: I'm a Moron

((Makes another list of RPs, tagging this one so I can go back and find it easier tho.))

  1. Wheezythesmoker
  2. Askthenightmonster
  3. Warrick the Medic
  4. A Dynamite Dicker
  5. OneeyedyourURLisstilltoolong
  6. Suits anon
  7. Leave it to Beaver
  8. This Charlie
  9. That Ghost

((Aaaand from there I forgot who else.))

Text: West
  • Que:Hey baby girl hows things going?
  • West:Good thanks Quinny, I did well in Science today
  • Que:That's good honey. What did you get? Did you get my present?
  • West:I got a B+ and yes I did Quinny, thank you. You shouldn't have done that Quinny I didn't need another I-pad but thank you.
  • Que:Well done honey. I'm proud of you. It's nothing. Only the best for you. That other I-pad was out dated so I bought you another.
  • West:Thanks Quinny. I really appreciate it. I hope you're okay?
  • Que:You know me baby girl. I'm always okay, I just wanted to check on you.
  • West:Thank you. I love you Quinny.
  • Que:I love you more baby girl. I'll ring you later. <3
  • West:Okay, bye my Quinny.
  • Que:Nite, nite, sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite. Bye my BB girl <3