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I spent my childhood in the suburbs of Minnesota, and spent the remainder years of my life in Chicago. Chicago seems to worsen every year when it comes to this violence crap and I’m not sure why it’s happening, but we definitely need to check these kids and and keep them active into doing something positive. Giving them rules, curfews, and not just letting them run wild in these streets. I don’t want to hear my nephews being gunned down one day because they were in a gang or because they died accidentally. Did you see that 10 year old kid? All I could do is shake my head. I actually had a cousin (who unfortunately I really wasn’t close to) who got gunned down by his own employee with an AK-47 at his job. This is Chicago. This is my home. I don’t understand it. I’m blessed that I lived in different areas of my life to open my eyes up to diversity. We need change. This is why I’m apart of CHI VOICES, A POETIC FILM SERIES WHERE SPOKEN WORD ARTISTS SPEAK ON THE CHICAGO EXPERIENCE, so that we could hopefully get people to widen their eyes. 

i have a lot of trojans hcs so here some of those are

  • when news starts to really circulate about jean being on the team, there’s a few trash magazines that try to start rumors that he’s not mixing well with the rest of his teammates, but laila quickly puts an end to that with a series of instagram posts featuring jean braiding alvarez’s hair and one of the freshman backliners painting his nails and just having a wonderful time it’s v cute
  • jeremy didn’t learn how to ride a bike until his freshman year when alvarez made him learn so they could ride a tandem together
  • jeremy did learn how to ride a bike. but they also completely crashed the tandem.
  • laila’s hair is really short because halfway through freshman year, she decided to chop it all off and then she fell in love with having short hair and alvarez loves it a lot
  • jean brings some of the sophomores out for ice cream sometimes because when he first started at usc, they would bring him ice cream if they thought he was having a rough day
  • i’ve said it before and i’ll say it 1000 times more, jeremy knox totally loves anime, and always livetweets new episodes of his favorite ones
  • laila likes to longboard with jeremy, but alvarez and jean are no good at it and instead they sit down on spare skateboards some of the juniors have and race down hills together
  • laila uses the (ง'̀-‘́)ง face at least twice a day
  • alvarez has emojis next to everyone’s contact name
  • jeremy and alvarez are both cooking buddies and musical buddies and shoutout to this anon for giving me the idea that they have definitely performed tango: maureen together. also el tango de roxanne. if it’s a tango and it’s in a musical, they have sung/danced it together while in the middle of chopping vegetables
  • jean’s favorite musical that they’ve made him watch is the hannah montana movie westside story. laila’s is chicago
  • (jeremy’s favorite is moulin rouge and alvarez adores kinky boots)
  • jean can’t cook for shit and he once made cookies that were completely rock hard but the team still ate every last one because they love and support him
  • sometimes if they’re in the same town, alvarez & laila and renee & allison will go on double dates together and laila & allison will spend half the time gushing about how much they love their gfs
  • renee calls jean at least once a week and they talk about everything together they have the best friendship
  • alvarez, jean, one of the other goalkeepers, and a sophomore striker have a little bookclub, and they meet every couple of weeks at a little coffee shop where alvarez loves the tea and jean loves the tarts
  • i love them

1DSC_9492 by Bryant McGee
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