westport massachusetts

Tag 10 people you’d like to know better! tagged by @bromano hol y shit hello

name/nickname(s): Lily is really my only nickname haha

favorite colors: soft shades of blue and purple!

last song I listened to: I’m currently listening to All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by MGMT 

favorite TV shows: uhhh lately I really like Archer and Battlestar Galactica bc I’m a fuckin nerd

first fandom: I mean it depends on how you define fandom? if you mean the first thing I was making stuff for and getting involved in, probably let’s players on youtube lol especially Cry and the Late Night Crew. Fun times.

hobbies: writing, making moodboards, reading, taking walks

books that I’m currently reading: I’ve been trying to read Anansi Boys for the past like??? five months??? school is getting in the way man

worst thing i’ve eaten: I fuckin hate asparagus

favorite place: Westport, Massachusetts feels like home

tagging: uhhhh @yougotthefancymoose, @nachoincorporated, @starducky, @starlanitams, and @firstsonoffire


White Victorian, Westport, Massachusetts, July 19, 2015 14 full by ישעיה טשערויין


Cheese Fries.

Chowder Meal (clam chowder + crab cakes).

Chicken Cesar Salad.

Horseneck Beach Canteen, Westport, Massachusetts. July 30th, 2012.

Coming from the land that gave poutine to the world, I was of course more than curious about such cheese fries at a beachside canteen. It took some time to get, and it was all mysterious and all. People were getting served their burgers and fries way before me. It was probably the cheese that took some time to warm up so I’m not sure it’s that popular. And from the looks and taste of them, I can understand why. 

The chowder was pretty decent though. Although it most probably was a canned one. One doubts that it was carefully prepared on the premisses. Crab cakes were not bad neither. Still very salty and doughy, but I guess that’s what crab or clam cakes are all about.

As for the chicken cesar salad, well let’s just say at 8$ the portion, it wasn’t much of a winner.

But anyways, it’s always fun to get some beach food at the beach. I just love the beach.