westover plantation

Turn Set Locations

Okay, so I know that I’m a dork for Turn. I just happened to google locations for the show. So far here are the eight locations that imdb.com lists for Turn shooting locations:

Shirley Plantation - 501 Shirley Plantation Road, Charles City, Virginia, USA (Strong Home)

Tuckahoe Plantation - 12601 River Road, Richmond, Virginia, USA (Richard Woodhall’s home)

Richmond, Virginia, USA (Setauket, Long Island)

Petersburg, Virginia, USA [Old Town Petersburg Historic District] (York?)

Westover - 7000 Westover Road, Charles City, Virginia, USA (King’s College {Abe’s Alma Matter} & Major John Andre’s home interior?)

The locations/sets that I didn’t instantly recognize:

Powhatan, Virginia, USA -  I’m not sure but could this be the location of Caleb’s dock from the  Pilot {Season 1 Episode 1}?

Scotchtown - 16120 Chiswell Lane, Beaverdam, Virginia, USA - If anyone recognizes the scene(s) that were shot here please let me know. If I can recall it looks like the location that Tallmadge shot the Brothers Quill, Eben, and General Scott shot Newt {Season1 Episode 3}?

Kittiewan Plantation - 12104 Weyanoke Road, Charles City, Virginia, USA - Again I don’t recognize this location.

If you do search these and recognize them please let me know so that that I can add them to this post and lable them what location they are standing in for on the show.