Wes chuckled at his insult and nudged him. Their eyes met and Nathan put his guitar down.. when he looked back up the air was thick with tension and Nathan started feeling nervous, he always felt nervous around Wes these days since their first kiss and the kisses they had shared after that. Everything was still so new to him and he never knew where he stood with Wes. 

“so what do you wanna do? We could play a game but if mum wants me to come down for lunch she’ll be relentless and-”

Nathan didn’t get to finish he’d been rambling and Wes he kissed him, to shut him up but also because from the moment he had seen him that had been all he’d thought about doing. 

Wes moved forward until Nathan was on his back and pulled away slightly pressing his forehead to Nathans and said

“Do i make you nervous?” Wes whispered

“Kinda…” Nathan replied honestly 

Wes smiled and kissed him again “There’s nothing to be nervous about… I already told you that I like you.” 

“I know..but-”

“Boyyyyss… lunch is ready” 

Wes kissed him again and they were wrapped up in each other once more lost in their passion for each other. Before Nathan pulled away “We need to go down or she’ll come up..” he said breathlessly 

“Okay.. I just need a minute.” Wes said awkwardly


Wes went up the stairs to Nathan’s room and stopped at the door listening to Nathan played the guitar. He loved listening to him play, he was so skilled and he got so into it. 

“Hey,” Nathan said when he realised Wes watching him he normally didn’t play in front of people but he didn’t mind Wes listening. 

“Hey, your mum said lunch will be ready in an hour and that you’ve been here all morning so you have to come down!” Wes said smiling

“Yeah, yeah, as soon as i get this song right!” Nathan said as he frowned at a note he played!”

“Jeeze i didn't know you were such a perfectionist”  [mockingly] 

Wes sat down behind him and squeezed his cheeks playfully pulling his face round to look at him


“What i came to hang out! you can’t ignore me for your guitar! That's bad hospitality” Wes said still hanging on his face 

“Alright, Alright just one more time!”  Wes let go and sat down watching him play with a frown etched on his face he guessed was due to concentration, it was kind of cute he thought. 

“That sounded awesome!” 

“Nah i messed up the last half..” [frowning]

“Yeah , yeah… it was shit what was i thinking!”  Wes joked 

“Oh fuck off!” 

For anybody that is looking for tv shows at the moment with w|w ships, this is a pretty good one. Im kinda sad that more people don’t know about it because its actually really great. (or at least i haven’t seen any of it on my dash)

So the tv show, “Stitchers” is like a sci-fi crime show where they “stitch” the mind of a live person to someone who was recently deceased to retrieve their memories and figure out how they died and who killed them. 

Now this show recently introduced medical examiner Amanda Weston who quickly becomes the girlfriend of Camille Engelson.

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Camille has been a lead character on the show since episode one and has been previously dating men and was not really “out” as anything, other than a very brief mention of dating one of her ex’s sister that everyone kinda just brushed off.The show however handles other characters finding out about her relationship with Amanda super well and makes it all seem “normal” and supportive.

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Also, Camille is super sarcastic and clever and she has the best one liners.

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 AND remember that show “Drake and Josh” and remember Mindy Crenshaw? Well, same actress

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And Amanda is played by Anna Akana who is surprisingly one of the youtubers who is actually a GOOD actress (and is also super cool)

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now these two have only been together for like 3 episodes so far but they’ve been insanely cute. I mean they serenaded each other in like the second episode that Amanda was in. and both of them sound like literal angels

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they hosted a lil dinner together in which both of them were already like a married couple

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also did i mention how Camille beat down a bitch to save Amanda (i don’t think theres a gif for this yet since the episode is new) and afterwards when Amanda was tending to her wounds and Camille telling her how much she means to her.

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Anyways, these two are literally the cutest and sassiest couple out there and I want more people to know about it 

*UPDATE* Until you find me is officially their song

Reasons to love Ciel!

It’s time to gather some reasons why Ciel is lovable!
If I miss something,please add,since I’m certain I will miss some.

|WARNING!It’s quite a long post.|

  • (Note that the reasons listed here are mine only!If you don’t feel the same about some,don’t make nasty comments.)

He is a little cute bookworm.

He is persevering and hard working.

He is a good actor (even when he’s not acting for the investigations,he’s still acting for years as his brother,lmao).

He is always protective,even when he can’t.

…Or when he risks his life.

He is brave.

He is easily embarrassed by some situations since he used to be shy.

He makes sacrifices for people dear to him.

Even though he doesn’t show it directly,he loves people dearly.

He is a successful businessman and a valuable watchdog.

He thinks about others when it comes to danger.

He is kind.

Even to Sebastian.

He managed to change drastically and turn his life around.

He is so sick and yet he accomplishes so much.

…And despite all he went through.

He is patient. 

(Some may argue about it,but think like this: if he wouldn’t be patient,he would’ve just got rid of Soma and many others when he had the opportunity,but he didn’t)

He is strong.

He is sly.

He is quite talented.

And has a pretty good aim.

He looks good.
Both as male and female.

He is a little “devil”.

He went through nights full of nightmares and a life full of low self esteem,but he never gave up.

He accepts many things from his dear ones…Many.

…And even if he loses his composure,he tries to make up for it.

He loves sweets.So much as to climb Sebastian’s chocolate statue and steal the head lmao.

He studied in fear of being hit by Sebastian(for making mistakes).

…And learnt to punish Sebastian as well.

He is absolutely innocent,even if now he tries to show it as little as possible.

…And adorable.

Need I say more?

He is a winner,no matter what.

And he surely loves to be one.

He is observant.

He is intelligent.

He gets his servants what they need and want.

But most importantly…He is the Ciel we all watched struggle,the Ciel we all got fond of,the one who grew in our hearts and whatever happens,we can’t ever forget that.


Wes came over to hangout this was the first time he’d been at Nathan’s since he’d told him he liked him. They normally hung out at his house since Nate had been hiding from his dad but now that things were okay with them Nate had invited him over. When he arrived Kaia opened the door and Wes felt awkward since he’d seen Kaia’s mum when she used pick up Thalia when they hung out , but this was his first time meeting her properly. 

“Oh hey there, you must be Wes, Nathan said you were coming! you’re friends with Thalia as well aren’t you?” 

“Er yeah! Thanks for letting me come over Mrs S, is Nate in his room?”

“Yes, do you want me to show you there? and call me Kaia.. noone calls me Mrs anything!” she grinned

“Oh okay! And no thanks I know where it is” Wes spoke without thinking but thankfully Kaia wasn’t bothered. 

“Okay! Please tell Nathan Lunch will be ready in an hour he hasn’t eaten all day playing that guitar so tell him I expect him to come down for lunch!”