weston house


“Oh, Professor Michaelis”

Sebastian Michaelis aka Professor Michaelis, housewarden of the Sapphire Owl house at Weston College

I am forever grateful to @windmogica for getting me the silver rosary. The rosary was blessed by nuns before being sent to me - which all in all makes for one hell of an irony, considering the cosplay.

Photographer: @spawn-of-hades
Crazy realisation

Maybe one of the reasons each of 4 houses in weston have certian types of students, should be this way, because we can easier tell them apart. For example in the cricket game there were alot of comments from the crowd and each crowd looks different but the people in it are the same type of person.
Red house: long/feminime hair, gorgeous eyes, really slim/feminime bodys, fun and relaxed behavior

Blue house: often wear glasses, simple hair cuts in middle lengh, thin bodys, alot of gingers (curly hair and freckles), confused or/and serious behavior

Green house: short hair cuts, big face textures (big noses or something), buff bodies, serious (and a lil bit of douche) behavior

Violet house: flashy make up or/and flashy hair cuts with different colors in them, coats, bratty and loud or really quiet behaviour, they literally look like they’re dead

You can easily tell those personalities and looks apart. Maybe yana made this so the reader wouldnt be confused with one-shot characters and which house belong to.

Kuroshitsuji and the Language of Flowers

Part 7: Chapter 81 (for @erebuscheslock, thanks for the request)

What flowers are depicted and what do they stand for?

Gentian: intrinsic worth, flower of Blue House
White bell flower: gratitude
Peony: ostentation; shame, bashfulness
White lily: majesty; purity
Nepal cinquefoil: beloved child, maternal affection
Yellow aster: elegance; love of variety
Fuchsia: good taste; confiding love
Larkspur: haughtiness

Context of the scene

After the cricket tournament at Weston, Blue House – as the winner – participates in a parade on the river Thames. They are wearing different flowers on their hats. When they salute the Queen they are supposed to throw the flowers in the water but they’re all falling in the water themselves, instead, and the flowers scatter widely.


The purpose of the flowers was to throw them in the river in order to salute the Queen. Blue House has won the tournament and now they proudly want to present themselves to Queen Victoria. Most of the flowers that are used for the decoration of their hats fit with what they are feeling: Gratitude, haughtiness, majesty, elegance,… And with the gentian they have also included the flower that represents Blue House.

The flower that stands out the most is the peony. When the members of the cricket team fall into the river it’s mainly this flower that scatters everywhere. Peonies, on the one hand, stand for ostentation. That could symbolize Blue House’s wish to present themselves, to display their success and to attract admiration.

On the other hand, peonies stand for shame and bashfulness. And that’s probably the first reaction the cricket team feels when they fall from the boat. 

(If you want me to pick a certain scene to analyze, just send me a message.)