westminster run

escaily  asked:

a Dark Sherlock au, where all the cannon good guys are bad and all the villains are the good guys au

  • john is the head of the crime organisation that eurus, consulting detective, has termed “the irregulars”. he has fought on the battlefield, and is terrifying because of how jovial and ‘everyman’ he is, even when threatening to bring down whole families. mary is his wife and a retired assassin, cooking the books and looking after their daughter. she does a few freelance wet jobs, here and there. (tbh, a bit like victoria from the 2010 movie, red.)
  • sherlock is john’s second-in-command and single man intelligence unit, deducing their opponent’s motives and aiding john in making backup plans in case negotiations go sour.
  • eurus is the consulting detective, still the era-defining genius that she is. however, despite having a grey moral code over killing villains, she is thorough in gathering evidence. sherlock keeps in regular contact with her, and sometimes she’s tempted by her brother’s line of work, but that irritating thing called humanity stops her from killing any innocents.
  • jim moriarty, who works in IT, is an excellent hacker and is often dragged into cases by eurus.
  • molly hooper is a pathologist and has a little sideline in the business of assassination. she’s known as the smiling assassin, in that she usually charms her victims for weeks, perhaps even months on end, becoming their friends and gathering information about them in order to give them the quickest death possible. because of her ability to disguise and bend truths, she’s sherlock’s favourite. 
  • lestrade is a mercenary, with a lassez-faire attitude to life and a sharp eye. he’s john’s go-to when he needs someone getting rid of quickly.
  • mycroft holds a position in government, with a number of corrupt MPs under his thumb. he keeps john in check under the threat of newspaper magnate magnussen, who has all the material he needs to expose every single thread of corruption running through westminster and lead the police straight to john and sherlock’s activities.