Sorry I didn’t post yesterday..the internet is weak and i am exhausted. But my roomate, Stewart, left yesterday and now its 4am and some guy and girl both come noisily in and both climb into the top bunk. I am on tumblr because someone is snoring really loud and I don’t want those 2 to try anything.
Yesterday was great, we saw all the touristy things like Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminister Abby which, I mean, for tourist symbols, they are pretty damn magnificent.

We walked to this modern art museum, Tate Modern?, that my mom wanted to see for some reason even though she hates modern art. It was so ungodly hip and modern and I don’t even know. I was on an upper floor and saw a balcony so I stepped out onto it and was really really pleasantly surprised.

Look familiar? Last I heard this bridge was destroyed by death eaters. That was more exciting than the previous 3 pictures put together! Well maybe not but still :P
Then walked across it to St. Johns cathedral and found the middle of occupy London.
Welcome to tent university!

It was so much more magnificant but my camera died so the pictures are on my moms blackberry and I don’t know how to upload them :( A block of tents with a first aid tent, a recycling center, a prayer tent. Lots of people living and protesting. It was so empowering and inspiring that so many people can work peacefully for a common goal. WallStreet must be awesome right now. Ill do an entire post for this once I get pictures.

We took a cab to a pub by the Tower of London and the cab driver gave us lovely history lessons the entire way about London and our own Civil War. The tower was incredible! It’s so old I can hardly fathom. We couldn’t go in but we were supposed to take this Grim Reapers tour of it and all the famous Jack the Ripper murders but we got too cold and went to Harrods instead.

Which is also absolutely fantastic. The food, never in my life have I seen such amazing and delicious food, from all different cultures, magnificantly laid out. Thank god we had already filled up on Shephard’s Pie and beer at a pub called “Hanged Drawn and Quartered” because Harrods is for rich people.

Tomorrow..if I ever get back to sleep..we are going out towards Windsor to see Eton and thankfully getting out of this hostel. I like it here but sharing with boys is no fun, the place smells like sweat and there are two freakin people in that top bunk!