The Belfast Urban Motorway

The great local roads researcher Wesley Johnson has released a new book on the 1960s plans of the NI Government for a Belfast Urban Motorway, and looks at the social and transport effects it had. The BUM (what an acronym) lives on today as the A12 Westlink, though it’s only a shadow of the ambitious (but reckless in hindsight) plans of the ‘60s.

Staying true to what I’ve said about pastels being able to stand on their own without the help of layers, my look today embodies just that.

Mint Santa Monica Shirt from Zara, White Shorts from Giordano, Bag from Bag Kok (Thailand), Shoes from Westlink (Xiamen). Also used is “Love Story: His Love” Scent from Penshoppe!

Tribal Bracelet and Argentina FIFA Bracelet from 168, Silver Chain is a gift.

The artsy print on the mint shirt gives it a nice summery vibe.

My lovable penny loafers from Westlink.


Clear Road Ahead of Us…

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