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It’s Time to Speak Up for Salmon!

Kayla Brown, Hupa, stands with Chief Caleen Sisk, Winnemem Wintu, for Rivers and Water.

The Hupa People are in a crisis situation, with a potential repeat of the 2002 salmon kill on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers. Because the Bureau of Reclamation is refusing to let enough water out of the dams, the rivers are too low and too warm, and the salmon are beginning to show signs of disease.

The Secretary of the Interior on Wednesday decided against releasing water down the Trinity River to ensure the survival of the salmon runs expected this month.  The virtual trickle of water is low, too warm, and clogged with moss, while corporate farms in California’s Central Valley are receiving the government subsidized water.  The people of the Hoopa Valley Tribe and Yurok Tribe on the Trinity-Klamath Rivers are very worried that they will face another massive fish kill, as happened in 2002 under the same conditions.


Don’t Drown Our Culture!

The latest video, sharing what will be lost if Shasta Dam is raised.
Let your federal legislators know that they should “Oppose the Plan to Raise Shasta Dam!”


September 12, 2014
The Shasta Dam already took our lands and many of our sacred places, now corporate agriculture wants to take the small bit we have left that keeps is being Winnemem Wintu.
Please tell your Senators and Congresspeople, “Oppose the Plan to Raise Shasta Dam!”