westland girls

Isolation (part 1)

A/N: okay so i’m starting a new fanfiction and I don’t know if it’s going to be any good so please say if I should carry on or not it’s a Luke fanfiction with a bit of Michael 

“Fucking hell” an 18 year old boy who goes by the name of Luke Hemmings exclaimed as he had just been told by the court he had to do 6 months of community service at Westland brogue. It might seem like no big deal to any body who didn’t live within a mile radius of the small town but Westland brogue was a hospital.

A mental hospital.

Patients varied from innocent teenagers to messed up serial killers. All thought to have killed someone but placed in the hospital because they were all fucked up, even if they weren’t before, they were now.

While the court hearing was going on a few roads away at Westland brogue institute, a girl named Violet was sitting in her room. The same boring old hospitalised room she sat in everyday staring aimlessly at the blank white walls thinking of what it was like to be out in the world instead of cooped up in a mental hospital.

She wasn’t mad, but everyone thought she was. Well, everyone apart from Michael Clifford.

Michael clifford, a worker at the institute. A boy the age of 19 who sat in the CCTV room day in day out watching the innocent young 17 year old girl from the camera footage in her room. He always made sure she wasn’t doing anything stupid like trying to escape or repeatedly banging her head on the wall like other patients did.

He was entranced by her. He had never met a girl so fascinating in his life. He never actually properly talked to her because she didn’t talk to anybody. That was one of the reasons why she was in the institute instead of prison.

Why was she even in the institute you might ask.

Well she was accused of two murders.

Her parents.

But the harsh truth is that she is innocent. Her life has been taken away from her being Locked up in here and it wasn’t fair, she couldn’t hurt a fly even if she tried.

But no one believed her because she wouldn’t talk. She couldn’t defend herself. She tired she really did but no matter what she couldn’t get the words out so they assumed she was a mute and she was guilty and apparently messed up in the head so they threw her in here.

She was the only reason Michael was still working here. He knew what the doctors and nurses did here, when he first found out it made him feel sick to the stomach, he spent hours after that in the men’s bathroom throwing up as the lies and secrets of this horrible place were slowly being revealed by him. But he had no one to tell. He couldn’t tell the police, they wouldn’t believe him for one second and he couldn’t let the other workers here know what the doctors did to the patients as it would put them in danger. Nobody knew that he knew their secret.

He knew when patients went missing and were filed as run aways that they were dead.

They had become experiments that went wrong.

He was only here to stop her from becoming one of them patients. He was there to protect her even though she didn’t know.

Michael was the only one she liked out of the workers. He never pestered her unlike the others who were always trying to get her to talk to them. But she didn’t, she would never talk to them, they called her names such as ‘freak’ and ‘who would want to talk to a murderer anyway’ every time she didn’t reply. She hated all of them. Michael was the only one who let her be, but she knew he was always watching her, at lunch times where every patient had to go to the cafeteria to eat she would sit by herself as well as everyone else and Michael would be on his shift sitting at a table near the door with his eyes burning into her. She never looked back at him but she knew he was watching.

She was very observant about everything. Nothing could go unnoticed by her.

Michael knew she was observant, he watched her watch the world around her. But he knew that there were things she didn’t see, the painful truth of this place, the secrets the doctors kept from everyone. She never seemed to notice if a patient went missing. But this was because the patients didn’t talk to each other. They didn’t even know each other’s names. They just assumed if a patient wasn’t their they had been let out.

Luke had now been dismissed from his court hearing lumbered with the thoughts of the six months community service he now had to do at Westland brogue. He was partly scared not wanting to be around mental people and having to talk to them. He had been told that he had to spend his six months with a patient talking to her and being her friend. It sucked, that’s what he thought. He didn’t want to go to a mental hospital and make friends with a girl he didn’t know who was a murderer.

But what he didn’t know was that the patient he had to spend time with would Change his life. She would control his thoughts and make him fascinated with her. Just like Michael was.

He had to try and make friends with violet.

But this wouldn’t be easy. Because she didn’t talk. Luke wouldn’t know that until he got there though.

It wasn’t fair for Luke. He was just covering for his friends who ran away before they could get caught. They decided it would be funny to vandalise the local community Center as the previous day they wouldn’t let them smoke in the grounds. Luke was just unlucky he got caught when he didn’t even do anything. He was just another innocent teenager who didn’t get a say in his defence.

Luke didn’t have many people in his life. Calum…Ashton… Yeah that’s it.

He didn’t have the best life and he lived off one night stands, he was guarded and when a girl wanted more his walls were put up straight away and he would snap making them run and isolating himself from any form of relationship.

Back in the institution it was time for the medication rounds. Doctor Keating had given Michael the job to go round the second floor giving out medication and making sure that the patients take it. He was nervous, he knew violet was on that floor and he would have to talk to her.

He made sure the first patient had taken hers making her show him the evidence of the small pill being gone. He moved on to the next room taking a deep breath and knocking on the door. It opened slowly and he was met with a pair of big violet eyes. So that’s why she’s called violet, Michael thought captivated by hitherto colour. He cleared his throat.

“I have your medication” he mumbled handing her them. She nodded taking the small pill from his large hand. She placed it in her mouth secretly hiding it under her tongue. She knew she wasn’t mad, she didn’t need the medication.

“Come on violet” Michael sighed “I’m not stupid, stop hiding them under your tongue”

She was surprised, she had never been caught before. So how did Michael know?

“Oh god” he said as he realised from the confusion on her face that she probably never took her pills. “Where have you been putting them?” He asked. From the hours he spent watching her through the CCTV camera in her room he had never seen her hide them.

She looked at him sadly before looking over at the small plant pot. Michael shook his head.

“Please don’t ever do it again” he said in fear. If she got caught she would most likely be the next experiment. That’s what tended to happen to the troublesome patients who went against the rules.

Of course his warning meant nothing to her as she wasn’t aware of the things that could happen.

With that Michael moved on to finish the rounds leaving violet confused and lonely. But hey she was always lonely in this place.

But hopefully Luke Hemmings would be the one to change that.