Finished Clue 1 of the Westknits MysteryKAL yesterday. I got a good way through Clue 2 only to realize I had dropped a stitch that went way down and there was no way that I could bring it back. So, this morning I frogged all that beautiful brioche and will start again. Yay knitting! Luckily, I have my rubyetc mug for lots of coffee.

Yarns are from noochfiber (yellow, purple and brown) and @makingyarn (speckled white).

A better, less foam play-mat overload picture of the finished Daybreak.

I cannot stress enough how awesomesauce noochfiber is y'all.  When you see it in the shop buy it, post haste.. or I will swoop in and buy it all because I’m addicted to the softness and the colors… oh the colors <3

Guys… this shawl is gigantic, sits on the shoulders beautifully, if you have broad shoulders like I do, definitely go for the large size, the medium would probably work too but the large is oh so roomy.


Is Good Morning America reading my blog? The “SWANTS DANCE” video by Westknits was featured today on GMA. Want to make your own SWANTS (sweater pants)? I was one of the first to reblog this from crankycrafter here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/post/66304843286/diy-sweater-pants-swants-tutorial


Behold my latest blocking tools! 

Gloves are among my favorite – and most challenging – garments to make. Can I find glove blockers? OF COURSE NOT! However, my local art supply store (second only to being my favorite local hang-out to the yarn shop), has jointed wooden “hands” available for artists. While I am not completely sure how true to size they might be for, let’s say, an adult male with average to largish hands or an adult female with large hands (certainly one with long fingers!), I know they would work quite well for hand-warmers or mittens, maybe even short-fingered gloves.

On the top left, the hands are shown by themselves (and atop glassware).

On the top right, the hands are covered with rubber gloves (don’t want to warp the wood!).

On the lower left, the hands covered with rubber gloves are now blocking the Coler mitts (Stephen West design) that I finished a week ago.

On the lower right, in a picture which I hope finally does justice to the cables of the Coler pattern as well as the Vaa colorway of Malabrigo Rios, the blocked and dried hand-warmers are shown over the wooden hands, which I plan to treat with tung oil. I hope the tung oil will give the hands a nice finish and preserve them longer, but I still intend to cover them with rubber gloves whenever I do blocking!