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Bertha Lamme Feicht

(1869–1943) Engineer

Bertha Feicht is considered to be the first American woman to earn a degree in a discipline of engineering other than civil engineering. Her thesis addressed mechanical and electrical engineering. After graduation she accepted a position at Westinghouse as the first woman engineer at that firm. In 1973 the Westinghouse Educational Foundation created a scholarship in her name.

Number 160 in an ongoing series celebrating remarkable women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Elektro the Moto-Man and Sparko his dog were made by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation and displayed at the New York World’s Fair in 1939 and 1940. Seven feet tall and weighing 250 pounds, Elektro could walk, smoke cigarettes, count, and unleash simple quips like, “My brain is bigger than yours.” Sparko, well he just barked, as dogs are wont to do. Probably he smoked too, if his circuits got too hot. Elektro may not seem impressive now, but at the time he amazed millions of visitors to the New York Fair. The hole in his chest was not built there in homage to Frank L. Baum’s heartless Tin Man, but so spectators could see there was no operator inside working his levers and gears. Possibly the hole grew larger when World War II’s metals shortages prompted Westinghouse to scrap plans to build him a female companion. Today Elektro resides at the Mansfield Memorial Museum in Mansfield, Ohio, where Westinghouse was once based. And little Sparko, well he’s gotten lost, as dogs as wont to do. The photo dates from 1939.


Westinghouse - ELECTRICAL UTILITIES FOR THE HOUSEHOLD - Save Material by Thoth God of Knowledge

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Save Material

It is well known that the production of steel, coal and iron during the war was insufficient to take care of war needs and to provide for ordinary peacetime requirements as well.

We have all had to use less of things we wanted so that there might be more material for ships, guns, shells, trucks, airplanes – and more labor with which to shape them for their uses.

Even such useful articles as electrical appliances have had to be restricted in production have had to be restricted in production and may not for some time be available in such large quantities as formerly.

If you have been unable to get just the appliances you want - if you have had to wait or perhaps do without, you’ll understand the reason.

Be assured that your dealer will co-operate with you in getting appliances which are essential to economy in housekeeping and will explain in detail why it is of such great importance that material now in use should be kept in service.


Doing her own washing. A hard task that falls today on the housewife who is already too busy. The Electric Washing Machine and Electric Iron minimize the labor which, otherwise, she could hardly shoulder unaided.

First Look at ‘The Current War’

‘The Current War’ takes place in the late 1880s and revolves around the two titans, George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) and Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch), and their battle over the supply of electricity. Edison championed the use of a direct current for electric power distribution over an alternating current, which was backed by Westinghouse Electric and a host of European companies.

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