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I loved your McDanno fic! Do you have any fics to rec?


(… this is probably more than you wanted)

hoʻokāne by Siria | 14k | Explicit

As active as Danny’s imagination was, however, as strong as all his fears could be at the thoughts of his little girl being taken away from him again, he’d forgotten to factor in one very important element: Steve.

Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No by queenklu | 9k | Explicit

“—so Gracie puts this flower in my hair and she tells me I look pretty and if I love her I’ll wear it all day, and I think, Great, I think, Greatness, because this is my day off and no way would Steve McGarrett show up at my door on my day off, right, Steven?”

How to Keep Your Mouth Shut by primetime | 10k | Explicit

Danny’s sometimes gay. Gay, sometimes. Does dudes. He doesn’t know how to say it right. He doesn’t know how to say it at all.

Reciprocity by elandrialore | 3k | Teen

Steve tells himself not to read too much into things.

Curving Like the Ocean Toward You by gyzym | 20k | Explicit

If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.

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H50 McDanno Fic Recs

Marriage/Civil Union proposal

Steve proposes

Danny proposes




Because by this point, it had become very apparent that Steve had longed his entire life for a family that would never leave him, and, having created just such a family wanted to give them everything. Literally everything. He would give them his house, money, the shirt off his back. His life. And he would do so because he needed to. Needed to take care of them and lavish them with love.