Lampshade by night86mare
Via Flickr:
Westfriedhof U-bahn, Munich. www.facebook.com/edutilosphotography


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 36

Like Heiko mentioned last week, we will make a little series in our project. Why? Because we both have a little (or big) obsession with train stations, undergrounds and things like that. So, it’s no wonder that the idea of this project was born with two similar station shots by Heiko and me. In the first photo you can see “Äußere Kanalstraße” in Cologne. On the second one you can see “Westfriedhof” in Munich. This weeks criticism to me, because I’m too lazy to write a longer text and praise to Heiko because he will give some information next week (at least I hope so).