westerosi fashion

realorafable  asked:

do you have any ideas as to what myrish lace might look like, perhaps compared to a lace that we may have (in our world)? i never know what to visualize, and grrm does seem to mention it quite a lot so it has been bugging me! thank you so much!!!

Hi! It’s hard to say what Myrish lace might look like, because GRRM doesn’t describe it in detail, and there’s actually lots of different types of lace in our own world. Let’s see what the text says about Myrish lace, and maybe that will help us visualize it.

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munchkinloverss  asked:

Just copying pasting an ask warsofasoiaf got because I would looooove so much to hear your thoughts about it. World building question: you've talked about regional cuisine, but how about regional clothing styles and so on? We got a pretty good idea of how it is for the Dornish, but how about the rest, if you don't mind putting your world building hat again? I love your blog so much and all your insightful metas.

Oh thank you so much! What a fun question! @becauseforoncethisisme was also asking me about this, so I’m just gonna answer you both here, if that’s ok!

For the Targaryens in their prime, I imagine prominent collars for the men, and the open-fronted 1590s Elizabethan-style ruffs, with a large supportasse for more formal occasions, because when I think about dragons, I think about the prominent spikes around Smaug’s head or the spitting dinosaur or the bony frill on a triceratops. (GRRM himself can’t take this headcanon away from me.) 

For the North, I imagine clothing like medieval Russia, layered styles, lots of fur and wool, colorful, elaborate, lots of embroidery, much heavier looking than the tv show, hats are a must. Appearance is important but warmth is the primary concern. (Wanna see the Kingsroad through the Neck? Check out Russian swamps. Also.)

For the Riverlands, which are the heartland of Westeros, something like medieval German clothing. For the Vale, which is more isolated, something like the clothing in medieval Denmark, Norway, Finland. 

For the Westerlands, I have two words: Wearable Wealth. If you got it, bb, flaunt it. I picture this a lot like medieval England but lots of cloth of gold, lots of gemstones sewn onto the clothing, such as the rubies Cersei has sewn into the bodice of her mourning gown. Elaborate styles of both clothing and hair (updos) that require the assistance of lots of servants to help you get ready everyday. Innovative ways to waste fabric, including pleated sashes on men and pleated gowns on women. Completely useless articles of clothing like half-capes. Lots of imported textiles, like Myrish lace, silk. Velvet. Elaborately tooled and/or dyed leather. (The westerlands cattle industry is actually canon. tywin’s tooled-leather, bright golden yellow boots may not be canon, but they’re canon to me.)

For the Reach, I picture styles resembling medieval France.  Similar to the Westerlands, but adjusted for warmer and sunnier climes. (No immodest midriff cutouts like Marg on tv.) 

For the Stormlands, I think there would be some influence from Dorne, the way Eastern styles influenced the Byzantine Empire, so I would kind of go with something Byzantine for Stormlander fashion, maybe think about the styles worn by crusading knights in Jerusalem to take into account the martial / spartan culture of the Stormlands. 

What regional clothing styles do other people imagine? Feel free to reblog and add your own headcanons / worldbuilding!