In forward folds we bow into ourselves, quiet the mind, calm the central nervous system and release the “back body” or Westernside of the body. Among many things, the back body represents our past, and like this picture suggests can be as colorful and diverse as each one of us. In many cases if neglected, the back body will eventually act out much like an attention starved child. “We deal with it, or it will deal with you!” So for many the first part of the practice is dealing with our past and our back body, releasing all that does not serve and make amends with whatever we have been avoiding. It is from that clearing, release and strengthening that we are able to move forward in true lightness and freedom. #tymihoward #guruvyoga #westernside #forwardfold #aimtrue #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #igme #iglove #igyoga #freedom #gowithin #meditation (at Guruv Yoga)

앳날 왜스턴 왜국인들, 왠쪽붕운 양키 스냅뱍을썼내…. 완전얫날시대야도 ㅎㅎㅎ.Making my way to get on a ride at this theme park. #bumped in to these #gentleman from the #westernside #culture back in the day. The dude on the left is rockin a N.Y #SNAPBACK