Heartfelt: Flamborough, Ontario, Canada

Extending great gratitude to the Tumblr community and many thank you’s to the curators, re-bloggers and supporters of my photography! Very much appreciate all your feedback, commentary and hearts. Saw this beautiful flower on the side of the road (no idea what kind it is), but thought it is perfect to share with you on this wonderful Sunday.  Enjoy! :-)

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Thank you!

Time to be a bit humble and direct a big thanks to all the love I get from you people. For all likes, comments and support. I will especially mention the most frequent blogs that shares my work here. But I love you all! If you feel like you should have been mentioned here and I have missed it…..Please send a message.

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“Happy Easter holidays!” and…

“Thank you!” to all my friends and all my friendly followers!  Your “likes” and supports are great and very motivating! “Welcome!” to all the followers, who have joined in the last months.

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Sorry if I haven’t answered comments or messages, this has been a crazy week.

huge hugs for everybody


Happy Mother’s Day, and thank you!

Hi everyone, how are you?? It’s been crazy over here, lately, sorry for getting back at you just now. I had to be away for a while so I couldn’t tell you earlier how grateful I am for all the reblogs and likes of the last month! You’re precious! <3

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I am truly fascinated by the snowy winter, and if I had more opportunity I would spend more time out there shooting. I am glad I have taken these latest photos and happy about how they were received by you.

Thanks for all your likes and reblogs, @ponderation, @imiging, @luxlit, @amillqvistreblog, @istumbled-upon, @hjs-inspirations, @hogbu, @budapestphotos, @westernshore, @stefanies-selection-2, @wonderworldcrossroad to mention some; all the nice and supporting comments of all of you!! Have a wonderful weekend! XOXOXO



I’ve gained a fair number of new followers in the past few weeks and thought it was about time to say hello and give a little introduction. Long-suffering followers could ignore this, but where would be the fun in that? 

So, howdy; my name is Jim and I’ve been mucking about with cameras for a couple of years now, largely as a result of inspirational buggers on tumblr (you should all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves). Between work and other commitments I only get limited opportunities to really explore this hobby of mine, so try to take my chances as they arise, however rash they may be - this has led to my falling into a river once, the sea twice and down the side of cliff in a terrifying coupling of tripod and loose shingle…it has all been very exciting.

I use a canon 700d and have a slowly expanding collection of lenses that I fear will never be big enough, possibly leading to bankruptcy or, worse, death by lens-slide.

I’ve lived and worked in Bournemouth, a resort town on the south coast of England, for the past seven years in which time I’ve lost some hair (time being a cruel mistress) and gained a load of freckles (the sun less so). Most of my photography features the coasts, beaches and hills of my home, with the odd travel-led exception thrown in for good measure. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do the place justice, but I can at least give it a shot.

Always happy to check out the work of others and have a separate blog called westernshore where I get rather carried away sharing some of said work, engaging in political fist-waving and chatting with some of the lovely folk of tumblr.  

Feel free to message, don’t be strangers and thanks for following,


Thank you, one and all, for the visits, Like(s), Follow(s), Reblog(s) and Reply(s) - I get so much pleasure from exploring my surroundings and taking photos of a world that many overlook. I get twice as much pleasure from having you all look at my blog, share and comment. I know I am guilty of not always replying back (@desixlb@pichaposts) - forgive me when the days just run away from me… Know that your words are read, appreciated and always evoke a smile. My thanks again - to everyone - over and over. In no particular order:


















“It’s very, very dangerous to lose contact with living nature.” 
― Albert Hofmann

© Nur Uretmen


Thank you so much Stephi for your beautiful words and reblogging “The Hiding Sun” on PWS! And many thanks to theoriginalplantwesternshore, khuxiposts for the recent reblogs! Very much appreciated :)

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Hi everybody! I’m back. Thanks for all the good wishes about our short trip, we had a wonderful time in Stockholm. I’m trying to edit some of the pics to show you all. Thank you for all your support this last days, for all the likes and the comments, and thanks for being there, old and new followers.

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Huge hugs for you all!


My thank to you is humble, modest and quiet, but it comes from the bottom of my heart. It moves me each and every single time, when my photography and words touch other people, so that they want to share it. I thank all the new followers, who want to be my company in parts of my photographed world and my poetry. Also I thank all those of you, who gave me a little heart and shared my pictures. But now I want to thank especially those: @imiging @rivermusic @renamonkalou @hjs-inspirations @greenreblooming @luxlit @the-masterworks @lensblr-network @ponderation @min-ute-s4you @justpackandleave @justemoinue8 @batu34 @stefanies-selection-2 @semperdiscens @beautifullyframed @borkowskisblog @kafkaswhiterabbit @buckuplittlecamper11 @biutifulpics @clear-dances-favoriten @russianatheart  @georgemmorgan @eirikharstad-reblogs @boschintegral @lovefromalgy @esperar-e-aprender @easternblocparty @tomsphotocollection @radivs @klavdiola @bambusratte @mijnheer-a @hntrdmmnd @leileyheart @westernshore @couldbenewzeitgeist @monochromacity @jogoraz @petrasphotolove @sametove-jaro @starlight2travel @hikereyes @sidandiggytravel @sensualityfly @greenreblooming @photographyhmd @camera-raw @gray-card @monochromaticity @omahatfernweh

‘Patterns in the snow’

Many thanks once again for all the support and encouragement you have shown through your likes, comments and messages.

Thanks too to the curators and rebloggers who help share images far and wide and help make the photography community a vibrant and constant source of inspiration. So in no particular order a resounding 'cheers, you’re great’ goes out to:

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Also thanks to philopenshaw for the cool edit exchange project and everyone who shared these pictures. And finally last, but not least, thanks to the givers of blue tags!

Have a lovely week folks :)

- Rachel

Happy Caturday! 

© 2014 Nur Uretmen


Many thanks to beautifullyframed, imiging, theoriginalplant, khuxiposts, westernshore, ponderation, gray-card, julesfalkhunter, shuttertrippedphotosworthseeing (and Jasmin) for the reblogs. I appreciate your support a lot! 

Thank you all so much for the likes and comments (I’m sorry if I couldn’t reply)! <3


Welcome, new followers and thanks, old followers, for still being there. Thank you all for your comments and your likes. 

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very special double thanks for @turecepcja, and thanks also to anyone not mentioned above.

Huge hugs for you all


my Thanks smells like flowers and spring

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and everyone else. 

Special thanks to @turecepcja, you know why. 

Hugs hugs for you all!


Thank you all for all the support, comments and messages this last week.

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Special thanks to Roberto @archbucketlist​, for two reblogs this week!

Sorry if I failed to answer personally to some comment or message.

Huge hugs for everybody!


Thank you so much dear followers or not followers for your support. Thanks for all the likes, the comments and the messages. Thanks for the reblogs that respect the source and the caption, from curators blogs or from personal blogs. Special thanks this week to:

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Sorry if I forget someone.

Huge hugs for you al


Postscript: it’s funny to see that my favorite photos, the ones I really like, always get fewer notes. Not really important, just curious.

20 Followers I’d Like To Get To Know Better

rules: Tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know better

I was tagged by @westernshore, (thanks for thinking of me) I think I’ve already done that a while ago, but it doesn’t matter. Here I go again:

NAME: Nuria

NICKNAME: Nur, Nuri, Nurita

GENDER: Female

STAR SIGN: I don’t believe in this kind of things

HEIGHT: 170cm, more or less

HOGWARTS HOUSE: I’ve never read Harry Potter

FAVORITE COLOR: Probably orange, but any warm colour is nice. And any color in general.


AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: aproximately 7, not everyday.

LUCKY NUMBER: I don’t believe in lucky numbers

LAST THING I GOOGLED: cómo poner subtítulos en movistar tv

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Dana Scully from X-Files, Rosaura from Fuenteovejuna.


FAVORITE ARTIST/BAND: right now, Amaral. Another day may be any other.

DREAM JOB: retired. Or rich and retired.

WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: dark red trousers, white and blue shirt, dark blue socks, dark blue shoes, dark red underwear.


CURRENT NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: false+actual followers: more than 15000. I guess more or less 150 of them are actual human beings.

WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT: my own photography and tag games like this one.

WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK: I don’t know, I’m not sure what does that mean.

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR:I was trying to force me to draw or paint at least one thing a day and post the results. I cheated on myself. I’m procrastinating on painting by making photographs.


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: It’s my artistic name, since my actual surname is the most common in spanish speaking world. Nielfa is my grandma’s surname. 

I will not tag anyone, but feel tagged if you like it, it can be funny.