CNW 6713 at Escanaba, MI in July 1982 by Marty Bernard
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These Big Alco C-628s worked the Chicago & North Western “Ore Division”. A Roger Puta Photograph

"looks on"

our heels were worn, the trail seemed tired, tired of us, tired of the sun beating down its back, tired, just plain tired ; the whole solar system looks on over us and it felt to us like it was plotting against us somehow, some way, but we were all going insane in our own way and knew that in the end the stars above, and all the planets, ice, and rock, were just indifferent.

we were all looking for a way out, we were looking for tomorrow, we were looking for hope, hope that seemed to have left us a long long while ago, back when we were still young enough to dream without any fear ; but now it was too late for fairytales, now it was time for hard work and long days spent waiting for the night to come.

music found its way into our ears and the desert didn’t seem as large and vast anymore, maybe we were all just mad, mad without any water, mad with too much sun on our eyebrows, maybe ; but the farther we walked the clearer the air seemed to get, and maybe the horizon was just a projection of our own inner crazy but we didn’t care. we walked for long enough and we were tired and we realized how precious each and every step was.

maybe fairy tales still mattered. maybe we’d become stories one day. maybe.


Silverton, Colorado - August 1981 by Larry Syverson
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I drove Colorado’s ‘million dollar highway’ from Durango to Silverson and Quary in August 1981. Being a flat-lander, the highway was very scary. A couple of times I wanted to turn around and go back. Fortunately, I didn’t. Silverton, Colorado in August 1981. It was worth the drive up!