Lucky Stars, by Dylken

Lake Oberon, Tasmania. Please view on a black background The Western Arthurs is notorious for having some of the worst weather in Australia but during our 8 day hike we were blessed with perfect weather the entire trip. This was taken on a calm night about 1 hour after sunset above Lake Oberon where we spent 4 nights camped by the shore, the lights from our campsite can be seen in this image.


The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (1958)

Starring: Kenneth More and Jayne Mansfield

Some movie facts:

- It was one of the first Westerns to be shot in Spain

-  Jayne Mansfield was pregnant with miklós during the filming of this movie. The role required a lot of movement and Jayne would joke that her son probably got more exercise before he was born than he will ever again

-  The film was the tenth most-popular movie at the box office in 1958

- At the time, Janye was beginning to try to change her image on her movie career - she wanted dramatic roles, and in ‘The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw’, Jayne showed a serious performance, using more her real voice to talk

Plain Wars

Now for the reaction of a lifetime! Whoop whoop!

Marianne thought she might have broken Bog when he just sat there staring at her with wide unreadable blue eyes. She sat there chewing her lip and watching him, not daring to take her hands from his.

“Bog?” she said softly.

“Your… pregnant?” he asked, voice barely audible. Marianne nodded softly, not afraid of what he would do to her but very, very afraid of his reaction. He just blinked at her and his hands tightened around her own.

“Bog?” she said again. It must have triggered something in him because he jerked her tiny form against his tall lean body and buried his nose into her hair. She could feel his back shaking with laughing sobs and couldn’t tell if it was joy or sadness.

“Are… are you upset?” she asked.

Bog pulled back, a smile on his lips and tears on his cheeks, “Upset? You daft girl,” he choked around tears, “I have never been happier.” Then he paused, “Why? Are… are you… upset?” he asked.

“No! No. You were just going on about how you weren’t ready for kids and I just thought…”

“Oh, Marianne, my love. I said that because I thought you weren’t ready,” Bog said, cupping her face and wiping a tear from her cheek. She hadn’t even realized she had been crying.

“My God. We… we are going to be parents,” he said, drawing her to him again in a crushing hug. “I’m gonna be a father.”

“I’m gonna be a, mother,” she said. She clung to him and buried her face into his neck. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you,” he said pulling back. “Let’s go home and tell the others.”

“Well your, mother may already know,” Marianne said standing up.

“How?” he demanded never once letting her hand go but giving it a solid squeeze.

“Mother’s intuition,” she said rolling her eyes. “At least that’s what she said.”

“She’s insane,” he said. “She is just insane.”

“But you love her.”

“Wait,” he said pulling her to a stop.


“You have known this for a long while,” he said. “Obviously, as you are at the morning sickness stage and have known that it was morning sickness for a while. You knew you were pregnant, and I understand waiting to tell me until you were certain you knew how, but you knew and you went with us on this raid.”

Marianne bit her lip again, knowing where this was going. “Yeeeesss,” she drew out.

“What were you even thinking?” he demanded. “Something terrible could have happened to you or the wee one.”

Marianne rolled her eyes. “Bog, if I didn’t think I could handle myself and a baby that isn’t even showing yet, I wouldn’t have come along. I am not helpless just a little pregnant.”

Bog arched an eyebrow and poked her shoulder. She flinched and growled at him. “I am not saying you can’t take care of yourself, but I’m not letting you take that risk with our babe,” he said.

Marianne rubbed her shoulder the scar a painful reminder of the wound she had received in one of their previous train robberies. He dragged her back to the others and smirked at her grumbling muttering.

“Mount up!” he shouted to Los Duendes. “We’re headed home!” The others didn’t say anything when Bog grinned at Marianne like she was the very sun sitting up on top of her horse. She was his weakness and his strength, his light and perfection, and they knew if any of them said anything about it they would be eating brass.

“Oh God,” Marianne muttered as Bog rode up beside her.


“We have to tell Dawn and my father.”

“I will be there for you… at least during the night,” Bog joked as he led them off. A portion of Los Duendes peeling off and heading to the hideout to stash the loot until they could get it to Sugar who would distribute it to the proper people who would get it in motion to bring down the corrupt New York Railway Company.

“What is that supposed to mean?” she asked arching a brow and looking at him curiously.

“Well, I’m not letting you go out an’ get hurt,” he chuckled riding off, “Have to look after ye both if you can’t do it yourself, Tough Girl.”

“HEY!” she yelped.

“What do you mean ‘both of you’, Boss?” Thang asked, never one to keep his mouth shut with his curiosity. Bog didn’t answer but visibly puffed up at the thought.

Marianne rolled her eyes, “He’s puffed up like a rooster because he’s going to be a father.” She surpressed a chuckle at Thang and Stuff’s gaping faces.

Stuff was the first to recover and turned to Bog. “Congratulations,” she said in her gruff voice.

Thang gave his gap-toothed grin and added in his less than intelligent way, “Good work, boss.” Bog turned to swing at Thang but missed his opportunity as Marianne swung a punch and knocked the man from his horse. Bog grinned at her and shook his head, not stopping to wait for the recovering Thang.

“You are going to make a great mother,” Bog said.

“Don’t mess with my baby or my husband. I’ll kick your ass.”

“That’s why I married you.”

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