Secret Journal of an Oilfield Engineer 1

UniQ RT, Kuwait

After reading a friend’s blog, felt like writing a blog after a long long time. Life has completely changed since I last wrote a blog, most importantly have completed 4 years at Schlumberger. Here is to a typical day!

(Clicked this image while working in Saudi Arabia at South Ghawar Oilfield, largest oilfield in the world for that matter)

0300 - Wake up, a cup of tea, gear up for work

0330 - Meetings / Daily planning

0345 - Travel from camp to middle of nowhere

0445 - A typical day starts. For the next 12 hours

  • If things are smooth, one can start working on his PhD on social networking. (that’s what I am doing now) To prove I use Facebook / Twitter / Flickr / Blogger / Pinterest / Instagram / LinkedIn and now Tumblr.
  • If things are not, it’s a ass on fire day with $200/minute at stake. Everybody watching you on the hot seat like a hawk. Pressure yes, but then that’s the kick.

1645 - Travel back. iPod and power nap in the car

1745 - Reach camp. Call wife

1800 - Dinner time. Bitch about food and crave for a chilled beer. No avail.

1830 - Exclusive wife slot, unless some stupid meetings come up. Bitch about quality of life.

2100 - Mark the day off “Days left for next vacation” counter. Bed time.

Iterate over 30 days. Check your bank account at the end of the month, feel good and gear up for the next 30.

Sounds routine but everyday is different. Sounds challenging which it is.  Have been to some amazing places and have taken some amazing photographs. Met people from quite a few nationality (Liked many and hated a few from my heart!!, no points for guessing)

This is how the life has been for the last 4 years, apart from vacation days off course. Have I enjoyed it .. hell yeah without any regrets. Motivated enough to continue .. still mulling over it. Days are numbered I guess, It’s time to move on!