Had to catch the bus today as I needed to be in work early. I don’t normally like buses because of the payment process. In the old days you just used to say where you where going and then they’d give you a ticket. Nowadays they are fixed prices but I am never sure which one to get.

It’s probably just the same and I am over thinking it.

Thursday morning catch up

So, it’s nice having “a plan.”  The direction I’m taking will be good, and I feel I have the freedom to vary things if need be, but I know that the build up for Chimera is happening.  I also feel pretty empowered by handling this myself, but I also know I have a lot of people around me to ask questions.   

Watched a rough cut of an upcoming documentary called “In One Day” about a NYC ultra runner and his quest to do the Western States 100 in less that 24 hours.  That is my quest.  The film was pretty damn inspiring.  I’ll put up the youtube preview in my next post.

So with this upcoming cycle of training it really is the road to Western States.  All training from now on out will be with that in mind, and the ultra races I pick after Chimera will all be qualifiers.  I have no idea how many years this campaign will be, but it will be one hell of an adventure.  Right now, my Everest is that Silver Buckle.

Today I’ll run twice.  Once with the CVTR group for a run around the Triunfo Trailhead and run the Los Robles Trail, and then later we’ll run the Firsty Thursday Run at Future Track.  So I guess I better do laundry today to keep up with what I’ll be using up in clothes today.  ;-)

Also need to start on my Jello Cake for Saturday’s 4th of July Party.  It has to be done in phases and with running, especially on Saturday, I need to start today.  


Sometimes, you THINK you need some help, but I’m just now at a point that I need to rely on myself.  That ultimately will get me from A to B, right?  

I think more people you bring into an endeavor, the more it gets complicated.  You set yourself up for failure by relying on others too much.

I just need to make things happen, build up confidence, be unbreakable and kick some ass!

137 days to go!!!