SUPEREGO is coming to the Bell House of Brooklyn in JUNE. Tickets on sale RIGHT NOW and RIGHT HERE

Then these guys (and me!) will all go north to join TIG NOTARO and JESSICA WILLIAMS at the Solid Sound festival that the band WILCO is throwing in the mountains of Western Massachusetts. Tickets for that are also on sale and RIGHT HERE. 

Don’t miss the chance to see these RARE east coast appearances from some of my favorite funny-blazers. 

That is all. 

This is how you solve a syringe disposal problem: by asking your community for help and advocating for a needle exchange program, not through NIMBYism and bullshit. Proud this is happening in the next county.

Rumors and well as reports.

People often quote Mark Twain as having said “Rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated.” In actuality, he wrote to New York Journal reporter Frank Marshall White: “James Ross Clemens, a cousin of mine, was seriously ill two or three weeks ago in London, but is well now. The report of my illness grew out of his illness; the report of my death was an exaggeration.”

Regardless, rumors and reports are true this time.

It is snowing in Western Massachusetts. It is cold enough, in fact, that it is sticking to my car.


05.02.15- My boss took my coworker and me to Letterpress Things in western Massachusetts today! It was definitely a cool field trip, and I absolutely will be coming back. I was able to pick up a few things for myself at a reasonable price, too! There was a neat old tabletop board shear for a great deal (my best find), and I also got my first font of type, spacing, and a drawer to keep it in.

hey hi hello!!!! sorry i haven’t been on in literally forever, work swamped me up until i left for the east coast! on the 22nd i was in new york and then the 24/25 i was in boston and was spending the rest of the time in western massachusetts! i literally fell in love with boston and everything about it and yeah i had an amazing time and i’ll gradually post pictures but it was so amazing and now i’m still swamped with work but hey i have a second now lmao so hello again tumblr


This is how my wonderful school is handling Baltimore and the protest that was held on campus today. The first couple screenshots are making fun of the phrase “black lives matter.” I go to Westfield State University in western Massachusetts and I’ve never seen more stubborn people in my life. While the protest was going on people were yelling “white supremacy” out of their windows. these are just a few examples, but you can see more if you search Westfield MA on the app Yik Yak. They all think it’s a joke, that it’s a waste of time, and that racism doesn’t exist. They think that reverse racism exists. They think black people have equal opportunities as white people simply bc they are both going to college. Ignorant and shameful.

We have a new policy at work that states you can only use one coupon per table. Today a table of three walk in, ask about the one coupon per table policy and I confirm that it’s correct. So she says okay we will all sit at DIFFERENT TABLES. Then proceeded to speak to each other from across the restaurant and continuously visit the other tables. They were creating such a scene, my manager finally let them sit at one table and use all three coupons. Fuck being a server. $3/hr is NOT enough to put up with this shit.

The Black Sheep

I walk into a packed room, a Saturday afternoon crowd listening to a turban-wearing dude playing jazz guitar, accompanied by a non-turbaned dude on keyboard. When the song ends, no one claps. I drop my coat on a table and order a coffee to go. I always order my coffee to go. I’m a slow drinker.

“Have a tremendous day,” the woman at the cash register says, handing me an empty cup. There’s a weird vibe to it, I swear, it’s not just me. As if she sees my laptop bag and my small purchase and is telling me to fuck off and die in a shallow grave in the woods alone. You go whipping out a word like “tremendous,” and the odds are high that you’re employing sarcasm, employing it so generously that you’re going to owe it a 1099 at the end of the year. I’m just saying. In reaction to this perceived attitude, I throw money in the tip jar, because you’re supposed to tip. Then I pour my own coffee, because it’s self-serve coffee. So I just anxiety-tipped a person who did nothing and very likely had no ill intentions. This is a thing I do. This is my life.

Four college-aged ladies sit at a table to my left, discussing the concept of working in exchange for money. The tone of the conversation is fresh and full of wonder. They’ve never talked about this topic before, never delved deeply into this concept. The conversation expands to other topics, like Lord Of The Rings and polyamory and how annoying big scarves are. I love listening in on this conversation. It’s sort of adorable. There’s a loud ticking sound coming from the kitchen area that sounds exactly like the electric starter on my gas stove, causing me to feel real discomfort, as if everything is about to explode in a ball of blue-tinged flame. Other than that, it’s a very relaxing atmosphere, aside from the imminent fear of horrific fire-death.

An Amherst College student sits to my right, reading Charles Darwin, reading it very seriously. She eats an apple she keeps hidden on her lap. The girl sitting next to her has a bottle of Trader Joe’s sparkling water on her table. Not a lot of local business supporters in attendance today, I guess. A mass murderer/child molester sits quietly at a table across the room. I say this with absolute certainty, based on his little mustache and suspicious ‘80s style metal-framed eyeglasses. I consider taking justice into my own hands: Eliminate this creepy dude—spare future victims a grisly fate. On the other hand, at least he ordered a sandwich.