Wiltern Theatre is a 12-story, 155-foot (47 m) Art Deco landmark at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The entire complex is commonly referred to as the Wiltern Center. Clad in a blue-green glazed architectural terra-cotta tile and situated on a diagonal to the street corner, the complex is considered one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the United States. In the late 1920’s the intersection of Wilshire and Western was the busies intersection in the United States. The building opened in 1931 and was closed after one year of operation. Leased by Warner Bros it was originally know as the Warner Bros Western Theater. The Los Angeles Concervancy, a group dedicated to conserving and protection historical buildings and neighborhoods in Los Angeles started around 1970. In fact, the society had been started just one year earlier in response to plans for the demolition of the Los Angeles library. They saved this building and was considered their first victory. Tom Petty’s first live album was performed here in November, 1985. Prince performed here on May 30, 1986. Santana performed here on October 2, 1986. Jerry Garcia performed here many times around 1985. Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver have all performed under the Wiltern’s retro-cool chandelier. Rickie Lee Jones, Florence + the Machine, Jonsi and David Crosby are among the headliners who’ve put out Live at the Wiltern albums or films. Beck was featured on opening night in 1995 and continued to play at the venue for years. Also: The Black Crows, Joe Walsh, Third Eye Blind, Spandau Ballet, Pavement, Foo Fighters, The White Stripes, The Killers, The Shins, Weezer, Imagine Dragons and Foster the People to name a few.


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Carpenter’s Sandwich Stand at 6285 West Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles, CA, certainly was not the first drive-in, but the management apparently knew how to do it right. The octagonal-shaped wood frame building is topped by a neon sign, with four levels of conventional signage below it. The ground level walls and counter are decorated with ceramic tile.

The publicity images taken in 1932 show the complete facility, staff, and the restrooms in a separate building on the far-left. Sandwiches varied in price from 15 cents up to 25 cents for a “Sirloin Steak Sandwich.” A full line of beverages including “Ben-Hur” coffee were offered along with deserts. Carpenter’s also had a “Barbecue Pit” located at Wilshire and Western Avenues.

There is an interesting mix of mid-1920s through 1932 cars in the parking lot. On the far-left and behind Carpenter’s are two automotive service establishments. 

here I am…
drunk again at 3 a.m. at the end of my 2nd bottle
of wine, I have typed from a dozen to 15 pages of
an old man
maddened for the flesh of young girls in this
dwindling twilight
liver gone
kidneys going
pancrea pooped
top-floor blood pressure

while all the fear of the wasted years
laughs between my toes
no woman will live with me
no Florence Nightingale to watch the
Johnny Carson show with

if I have a stroke I will lay here for six
days, my three cats hungrily ripping the flesh
from my elbows, wrists, head

the radio playing classical music …

I promised myself never to write old man poems
but this one’s funny, you see, excusable, be-
cause I’ve long gone past using myself and there’s
still more left
here at 3 a.m. I am going to take this sheet from
the typer
pour another glass and
make love to the fresh new whiteness

maybe get lucky

first for

for you.