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Welcome to Orochi High!

Truffle Takahashi is just an ordinary girl starting her first year at Orochi High School. Join her as she makes new friends–Marzi-chan, a big girl with big headboobs and an even bigger heart, and Mochi, a mischievous prankster who cares more than she lets on–and meets her first love, the mysterious, venomous Atheris Hispida!

  • Aries: "I will puke my insecurities and sniff diamond dust"
  • Taurus: "I have fluid velvet in my veins and my soul is a mosaic"
  • Gemini: "I am Janus with two beautiful faces/ You can never catch me"
  • Cancer: "I reside in the single tear on the fair cheek, temporary and eternal"
  • Leo: "Ruby sparkles and gilded stones build me from scratch"
  • Virgo: "I weave knowledge nets where you crawl to hide when you are scared"
  • Libra: "Wind and glass reflect me as I want to be, not as I am"
  • Scorpio: "I hide in the smoke clouds of violent explosions because vanishing is my role"
  • Sagittarius: "Hiding on camel's backs or in Opera Houses or in rice fields; far away from home"
  • Capricorn: "Crown me as your leader, free me from your dogma/ Let me save the world"
  • Aquarius: "I make flower crowns for otherworldly beings in hope we can make peace"
  • Pisces: "Long ago when Atlantis fell, I swam to the shore of a new world"

Fantasy Iwaoi



Soooo I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet on tumblr that I just left HBO to go be the new Art Director at @camposantoblog! More on that later (it goes without saying that I am very excited about it), but in the interim between the two gigs I’ve been off on a spontaneous road trip exploring/sketching a bunch of ghost towns and other cool stuff in California/Nevada.

I ended up hitting a total of nine ghost town/mine/ranch sites, and so this is Part 1 of my sketch drop – Bodie and Chemung Mine.