western trick

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

The quote above was given by one of America’s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin.

Why, am I reminding you of this at this time?

Because tomorrow is a very special day.

For those of you who haven’t looked at a calendar yet … tomorrow is arguably the most important day of the entire year.

(Arguably, because James firmly believes that Halloween is the best day ever, while Sirius is adamant that his birthday is the most important occasion. Peter had the gall to suggest Christmas, which (while everyone does love the Christmas season), the others turned down immediately. However, after much discussing, Remus suggested April 1st as the greatest day of the year, and soon they came to agreement that tomorrow is probably the most important opportunity for any prankster to take advantage of, and therefore should be the most important event each and every year. [With Halloween being a close second, much to Sirius’ dismay].)

In case you haven’t figured out what tomorrow is yet, let me introduce you to:

April Fool’s Day (AKA All Fool’s Day)

The Oxford Dictionary defines this occasion as “traditionally an occasion for playing tricks” in Western countries. 

A few example sentences they give are:

It seems the whole tradition of the scare has fallen to the wayside, simply swept under the rug and ignored only to rear its amusing and frightful head on occasions like Halloween and the odd April’s Fools Day.”


Shaking his head in a mournful manner, he added, ‘There is nothing worse than a wasted April’s Fool’s Day’.” 

(That last quote was submitted by our very own Sirius Black*.)

[*That’s not actually true, no matter how much he wishes it to be.]  

Now, if you’re wondering, “How does one celebrate such a momentous occasion?”, then you are in luck.

Each of the Marauders have a suggestion of something you can do to prank, trick, and confuse those you are around:

At Home

If you’re going to be at home at some point tomorrow, (which I suspect most of you will), then there’s a lot of things you can do! Put googly eyes on all of the items in the fridge, so every time someone opens it, they see their food staring back at them! - JP

Or changing the salt and sugar always creates some chaos. Watch as someone tries to pour sugar on their cereal and ends up with salt instead! - PP

Or, one of my personal favorites, while your brother or sister or roommate is asleep, place their finger in warm water and sit back and cackle as they wet the bed. - SB

That one is less funny. - PP

Another idea is to put a bunch of confetti on the top of each ceiling fan blade and watch the next person who comes into the room and turns the party on. - JP

Just don’t forget you put the confetti there, or you’ll be real sorry when your plans are foiled by yourself. - PP

Another easy idea is to put some tape over the sensor on the remote. Watch as your brother or sister gets frustrated when the TV won’t change to their show. - RL

What on earth is a remote? - SB

Don’t worry about it. - RL

And of course, you can’t forget about the alarm clock one. Hide four alarm clocks in your sibling or roommate’s room and set them all to go off at the same time. Watch as your victim get a loud awakening and scrambles to find all the clocks to turn off. - JP

At School or Work

Bring a box of donuts to share with your class or with your co-workers. When they open the box, have it reveal nothing but broccoli and a sign on the back that says “April’s Fools”. - RL

That’s a good one! Broccoli is the worst! - PP

Or another food related hijinx is to bring a pan of brownies, but when they pull back the foil, they discover brown construction paper cut out to shape the letter e. - JP

I don’t get it. - PP

“Brown E”. - JP

OH! I get it. That’s funny. And cruel. And now I’m hungry. - PP

In one of the bathrooms, you can put a fake cockroach on one of the toilet seats and listen as the screams fill the halls. - RL

If you have a blackboard in your classroom, you can also prank your teacher, by hiding chalk in the chalkboard eraser, and watch as every time your teacher tries to erase something from the board, the end up making it worse. - JP

If you’re at work and you’re feeling really adventurous, you can clear out one of your co-workers drawers, line the edges and bottom with some plastic lining, and fill the drawer with water and a fish. Voila. You have yourself a drawer fish tank. - SB

Pranks to Pull Anywhere

Walk around eating mayonnaise out of a jar. Only it’s NOT mayo. It’s vanilla pudding. - PP

Mix a bowl of M&M and Skittles together, and watch everyone’s faces as they realize the madness you’ve created. - JP

And don’t forget to get your hands on every person’s phone you can find and change all of their contacts names to fictional characters. (ie: Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, ect.) - RL

Or, just change them to our names! Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew are all outstanding names, if I do say so myself. - SB

You can even use Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore if you want! - PP

And don’t forget …

Send us a picture after you’re done! The best part about pulling a prank, is the satisfaction you get from sharing your triumphs with others! So, give us a shout here @themaraudersmapforpranks. - JP

We’re anxiously waiting to hear from you! - SB

A NOTE FROM THE ADMIN: Please be aware that sometimes your pranks may have consequences. While occasionally the Marauders cross the line, take into account others and don’t do anything that could be viewed as harmful or could have damaging effects. And be prepared to get detention or to be grounded if you choose to do something extreme. The suggestions above shouldn’t get you into too much trouble (if any at all), but it’s always good to be aware and cautious.

Also, HAVE FUN! That is the whole purpose of the day, after all. :)


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