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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: why is Dorian Gray never played by people with blond hair? why is Dorian always depicted as all pale and dark? oscar literally describes his hair as gold like two seconds after we meet him. directors apparently feel like they have to make Dorian look dark dangerous and brooding, but he's not supposed to look dark and dangerous and brooding. That's the whole point. No one ever suspects him because he looks like an innocent little cherub with golden curls and rosy cheeks. His physical appearance is described with terms that Western literary tradition, during the nineteenth century in particular, associated with goodness and godliness, and this is intentionally juxtaposed with the blackness of his soul. If you intentionally play him as someone who looks like a Byronic hero, much of the symbolism of his character is lost, right?

Just hadn’t posted much and wanted you guys to know I was actually still drawing.
Four of these I’m planning to finish and a few are gifts. Also threw in some western AU stuff I’ve been avoiding posting because I can’t imagine anyone is interested but me and maybe Nicole.
Also, have you guys seen that dress meme? Because that’s where that Hondo came from.
Also, Sillah makes a guest appearance and she’s @nmallenart oc! The rest are Star Wars characters I’m bastardizing I’m sure but at least I’m having fun, even if it’s just mostly by myself XD

Appropriating Latinx Magical Realism: A Twitter Thread

Mel from Books on Wings began this discussion by tweeting: “Apart from all the mess that is MS’ new book, I’ve always been hesitant about non-latinx people writing magical realism. It’s prominently a Latin American genre and she took inspiration from Isabel Allende and García Márquez. But why would we need her voice and story?”

I studied magical realism and the fantastic in college, and wrote my senior thesis on it, so I decided to jump in, because this has often bothered me as well. So here it is: You can write magical realism without appropriating Latin-American stories or Latinx magical realism. It’s easy. Here’s why. 

Magical Realism as a genre was founded by Gabriel García Márquez. One Hundred Years of Solitude and The House of the Spirits are two examples of the genre. This genre is largely a reaction against colonialism and Western realism. The idea is that mythology and spirituality are not as separate from the ‘real world’ in non-Western storytelling traditions. Here’s a way of explaining this: when I was a kid, my parents and grandparents told me a lot of stories about our history that are exaggerated, added-to, mythologized a little bit, etc. If I told a family history, I would tell those stories instead of finding the real ones, because these stories actually explain my family better. It’s an argument that it’s actually sort of more real if you include those tales rather than the ‘historically correct ones.’ You can pull inspiration from this genre successfully without appropriating it. For example, Jeffrey Eugenides in Middlesex uses the same sort of family/historical epic framework, dotted with magical realism, to tell his story. 

Magical realism is used in the literature of many cultures, from Balkan to Japanese to African-American novels and stories. It’s often used to project an anti-Western outlook, but with postmodernism, many Western writers began to utilize it as well. But outside of Latin America, magical realism is a mode, not a genre. It is a literary tool to enhance your story and give it depth, or mystery. It’s used, just for example, by The Master and Margarita, Ulysses, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Lincoln in the Bardo, the short stories of Shirley Jackson and Angela Carter. Would you put those all into the same genre? No, me neither. That’s because these all use magical realism but don’t try to appropriate the genre of magical realism, which is a Latin American genre. They use it as a mode to create a certain feeling, experience, and depth for the reader, but are not directly using the styles of Marquez.

That’s my problem with Maggie Stiefvater’s new novel. There is no reason why you need to appropriate Latinx stories or tropes from the genre of magical realism in order to write a novel that has magical realism in it. As Mel added, non-Latinx people can use it as a mode—but there’s no reason to take Latinx stories away. I agree. Do you want to write a novel with magical realism in it? Great—so do I, in fact. But why do you need to write a Latin American story to do so? The answer is that you really don’t. 


The Muxes of Juchitán 

Juchitán is a town in the southeast of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The town which is largely inhabited by the Zapotec Indigenous people, has not only preserved it’s precolonial language and culture, but has also retained gender identities and roles that transcend the traditional western ones. Those which were subjected onto much of the rest of Mexican society by European colonizers. 

This contrasting expression of gender that survives among the Zapotec and Mestizo communities of southern Oaxaca, takes its form in the concept of the muxe. Muxe is a term used to refer to those assigned male at birth, but who identify either as women or as a distinct third-gender. They are an intrinsic part of Zapotec society, and highly respected for the roles they play in families, such as taking care of their elderly parents when their siblings have moved out of the household. Despite the acceptance of them in many rural areas, they face discrimination in more urban areas, mainly by non-Indigenous people who have inherited the Spanish cultural attitude of machismo. 

Worldly Traditions: Part I

Nkisi Nkondi (Power Figure). Kongo Peoples (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Late 19th Century. Wood and Metal.

Nkisi Nkondi

I’ve wanted to see a Nkisi Nkondi since I first learned about them. So, when I visited the Met in NYC I was ecstatic to see this beautiful one there (side note: I’m not going to dive into my feelings about taking historical objects from their original locations. Anyone can message me about that later).

Nkisi Nkondi are one of many traditions that is overlooked by most of western society. These traditions like others from Africa, Oceania, Asia, or Americas are often appropriated or seen as trivial. This is incredibly sad to me, especially seeing that those who love magick should educate them on all the traditions and spirituality of the cultures around them (all of which are amazingly interesting).

These power figures are no exception. Nkisi Nkondi work directly with societal affairs. The objects are carved from wood then stuffed with medicinal herbs. These sacred objects are designed to cure physical or non-physical issues, often in the form of social contracts. The figure itself is home to powerful forces with the ability over see contracts.

One of the most distinctive quality of these figures are the materials stabbed into the figure. They very in size and shape signifying the deals and affairs of the people interacting the figure. The idea being that a nail is driven in to start a contract, and if broken the figures forces will be unleashed to punish the wrongdoer. 

The Nkisi Nkondi is an excellent example of spirituality and magick playing a large role in human societies. Of course with the introduction of colonialism these traditions were either fetishized or destroyed. Some traditions were brought to the America’s as well.

Overall Nkisi Nkondi are amazing objects that shouldn’t be forgotten.

The Handmaiden (2016).. 

Thoroughly recommend this movie. It has a very aesthetically pleasing mix of western 1930′s, traditional Korean and Japanese costumes. Anyone who has seen or read ‘Fingersmith’ will instantly recognise the storyline, however, there are a few differences in this delightful adaptation. 

The ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Originating in Ancient Egyptian iconography, the ouroboros entered western tradition via Greek magical tradition. Often taken to symbolize introspection, the eternal return (resurrection/immortality) and cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself. It unites and harmonizes opposites: the conscious and unconscious mind. Alchemically, the ouroboros is also used as a purifying glyph.

Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is the image of the heavens? Our land is the temple of the world.
—  From “The Prophecy of Hermes Trismegistos”. Hermes Trismegistus is the purported author of the Hermetic Corpus, a series of sacred texts that are the basis of Hermeticism - a religious, philosophical, and esoteric tradition. These writings have greatly influenced the Western esoteric tradition and were considered to be of great importance during both the Renaissance and the Reformation. The tradition claims descent from a prisca theologia, a doctrine that affirms the existence of a single, true theology present in all religions that was given by God to man in antiquity.

like think about if your worldview is that “traditional Western culture” is under siege and must be heroically defended youre not gonna be all “cultural sharing and mixing is good” 

I know that the SJ justification for appropriation discourse is done for completely different reasons so thats why I think its not the best argument to use if youre gonna criticize the SJ-consensus on the issue but like if you wanna pull the “hey there are rightists that agree with you” card thats not really the game you wanna play lol

k3x8delirium  asked:

Can I request MC and the group +V and Saeran celebrating a holiday?? ( preferably Christmas cuz December or Valentine cuz that's just bae)

I decided to do the Christmas one, seeing as it’s Christmas eve! Also just a note, I stuck with more western Christmas traditions for this one, as it’s what I’m used to, and I didn’t want to accidentally mess something up and come across as offensive by trying to write anything about Korean Christmas tradition. I hope this is okay anyway!


  • He loves Christmas a lot
  • Mainly because lolol always holds special events and he can get rare items, but that’s beside the point
  • He’s the sort of person that would start getting hyped about Christmas the moment November starts
  • There’s tinsel and glitter everywhere and he immediately brings out the ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Please stop him
  • He talks a lot about the gifts he wants to buy people
  • Goes into a lot of detail about exactly what he’s going to get for everyone
  • He probably accidentally tells a few people what he’s getting them in his excitement
  • But then it gets to a few days before Christmas
  • And he still hasn’t bought any of the stuff he said he would
  • He just sort of has to stop for a bit and accept the fact that okay he probably doesn’t have enough money to buy all the stuff he said he would
  • Good job Yoosung
  • Cue a panicked last minute shopping trip that basically involves him running headlong into as many shops as possible
  • He definitely buys MC the thing he promised though


  • Christmas with Jaehee is so nice and comfortable
  • She doesn’t really get too excited over it
  • So you mainly just spend the whole time sitting indoors watching movies together 
  • Lots of cuddling on the couch to keep warm 
  • Mostly involves warm sweaters, falling asleep together and cinnamon hot chocolate 
  • She’s really organised with presents too
  • If she’s going to buy something, she’s going to make sure to get it for you months in advance 
  • Buy her a set of nice teacups or some expensive coffee and she will love you forever 
  • The whole day would just be so cosy and nice, you wouldn’t need to go anywhere or do anything 
  • Just stay indoors and quietly sing along to zen’s musicals
  • You both just sort of disappear from the messenger for the entire day too 
  • Neither of you can be bothered to deal with rfa drama so you just decide to take a break and relax


  • He somehow manages to get even more romantic over Christmas
  • Constant hugs to keep you warm
  • He’s the sort of person that will lend you his jacket to keep you warm
  • “Zen you’re cold, have your jacket back” 
  • “No I’m fine!” 
  • “Zen you will get hypothermia, take the fucking jacket”
  • He’ll probably take you out somewhere on Christmas to just walk through the streets and enjoy the Christmas decorations that hang in everyone’s windows 
  • It’s even better if it snows because he’ll insist on keeping you warm by kissing you 
  • He’ll sing carols for you 
  • And if he performs anything over Christmas, you’re naturally getting a front row seat
  • He’s insufferable on the messenger
  • Sends so many photos of you opening your presents to the chatroom


  • He gets you a lot of presents 
  • A lot
  • You’re actually concerned about how much money he’s spent on you
  • You wake up to him bringing you pancakes, the usual strawberries substituted for Christmassy flavours like cinnamon 
  • The entire living room is covered in presents 
  • There’s a lot for Elizabeth, but the majority of them are for you 
  • “Jumin, how much money did you spend”
  • “Not enough”
  • Someone stop him please
  • It takes you the entire morning to open all the presents
  • One of them is a really fancy outfit that he insists that you change into 
  • He takes you to get a Christmas lunch in the fanciest restaurant he can find open on Christmas 
  • The whole day is basically just Jumin spending all his money on you 
  • You feel like your present for him is stupid in comparison, but he assures you that, because you got it for him, it’s worth more than anything he could possibly have bought


  • So it’s been confirmed by the Christmas event thing that Seven usually feels pretty down on Christmas 
  • However if you could talk him past that, then you’re in for a pretty wild ride
  • He goes all out 
  • There’s tinsel everywhere, Christmas songs playing all over the place, and so many fairy lights 
  • And you thought Yoosung was bad 
  • He thinks mistletoe is literally the best thing in existence 
  • It’s hanging in every doorway
  • There have been a few really awkward situations when you’ve been caught under the mistletoe with Saeran or Vanderwood 
  • He’s the king of ugly Christmas sweaters 
  • He gets one that lights up and he wears it constantly 
  • He’s surprisingly good at giving presents, he buys you something really personal that he made for you especially 
  • He takes you out for a ride in one of his cars on Christmas day 
  • You don’t really go anywhere, he just sort of drives you around, playing Christmas songs through the radio and occasionally pulling over so he can lean over to kiss you


  • He really loves Christmas
  • Everything smells so nice and the carols sound beautiful, and the colours and blurry lights he can still see look so calming 
  • He doesn’t really like going anywhere on Christmas 
  • He’d rather stay indoors and keep warm by the fireplace 
  • However if it snows he’d probably want to go outside 
  • He’ll take you to the nearest park and sit with you on a bench somewhere, and just watch the snow falling around you
  • He’d only let you go outside with him if he was 100% certain that you were dressed up warm enough 
  • He would mostly get you personal gifts, mainly art and photographs 
  • He probably gets cold during winter a lot so he always ends up wearing a huge pile of scarves and knitwear to keep warm 
  • He often gets pretty sad that he can’t see your face when you’re opening the presents he’s bought you
  • But if you reassure him, he should be fine


  • He’s never really had much experience with Christmas, so this is all completely knew to him 
  • “Why are you bringing a tree indoors, put it back”
  • “Stop putting lights everywhere it’s annoying”
  • “Why is there a plant hanging in the doorway and why is saeyoung telling me I need to kiss vanderwood” 
  • He’s so clueless and you’re not sure if you should find it adorable or really depressing 
  • He insists that he hates Christmas 
  • Constantly complains about everything 
  • The tinsel is too bright
  • The tree is dropping leaves everywhere 
  • The lights are too colourful 
  • But he’s not going to be able to deny the fact that he was smiling when he spotted you walking around singing jingle bells
  • Or that you saw him eat an entire advent calendar in one sitting
  • Or that he started getting really into the Christmas movies that were playing over the TV 
  • He buys you a present for Christmas even though he had no idea what to get you
  • He delivers it by throwing it at you from across the other side of the room 
  • How romantic

The existence of this justifies both Green Day and the western monastic tradition.