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In the path known as hermetic philosophy or alchemy, Hermes as the main principle expresses the leading forces of the unconscious mind, and also an internal desire for Gnosis.
Gnosis (knowledge) according to the philosophical course of Hermeticism isn’t a continuous inflow of disconnected information like our modern era demands, but a path of esoteric tranformation, one aiming to dissolve the internal conflicts of the individual so the he/she can manage to commune and communicate the Universal Knowledge and form a new sense of unified identity and self. Hermeticism sees the external reality as the field of illusion or fraud, just like oriental philosophy does, but the goal in Hermeticism isn’t the withdrawal from this ephemeral plane of being, but a higher participation after a certain existential preparation and initiation.
Thoth, as the god of scripture and of the secret Egyptian mysteries, became one with the greek Hermes after a certain historical point. A new persona emerged this way, Hermes the Trismegistus, a magical deity and a higher element that has motivated and moved many adepts of esotericism, alchemists and artists througout the centuries…this new archetype also insists on the triune nature of divinity just like the christian trinity does, among others in various world traditions.
The Muse

Drawing of Mercury/Hermes by Henrik Goltzius, 1587.

for those black wlw who either are religious or grew up in religious households, and are still struggling to reconcile with their sexuality and their faith: sometimes it’s beneficial to look into nontraditional non-Western boxed spirituality for comfort.

it’s terrifying at times, when you’ve been use to one thing, one way, one set of rules and guidelines, and you begin the journey on a road to finding your peace with God and your spirit. and it doesn’t necessarily even mean it will work for you. but our people have a rich, soulful history of spirituality that comes in all forms and fashions. your blackness alone is connection with God. if you give it a chance, it will heal you.

Queer astrology zine call for submissions!

Submissions are now being taken for the first queer astrology compzine, edited by Jade Mars. Suggested topics include:

  • why do so many queers love astrology?
  • queer accounts of combining astrology with tarot, witchcraft and other occult pursuits
  • queering the horoscope reading / reading queer horoscopes
  • queering the planets, signs, and elements
  • are there significators for queerness in the horoscope? what might they be?
  • how can astrology be combined with commitments to radical politics and social justice?
  • how can we work creatively and non-oppressively with an astrological system which is often used to reinforce sexism, heteronormativity, essentialism of all kinds, and the gender binary?
  • how can white people respectfully engage with astrology without succumbing to the culturally appropriative trends of contemporary Western ‘new age’ spiritual practices?
  • can astrology’s deterministic or predictive qualities be reconciled with queer theory’s anti-identitarian and anti-futurity tendencies?

Submissions may include prose, poetry, drawings, comics – anything that will fit comfortably on an A5 sheet of paper (148 x 210 mm). There is no word limit, and you may send more than one submission. I am particularly interested in boosting the voices of marginalized groups: trans people, people of colour, disabled people, working class people (this is not an exhaustive list). Everyone whose work is published in the final zine will receive a pdf copy of it; paper copies will be sold not for profit via my distro.

Please send all submissions to queerarcana@gmail.com by 31st October 2016.

Yogi Lifestyle #53
There’s Something Wrong Here

*Artist Unknown for Image

 This may seem as a commentary…or an opinion or maybe even a rant, but nonetheless it is something that needs to be addressed.  In the recent few months there has been a push…to pull back. This is across the board. We are witnessing this within the political forum and even within the western spiritual and self-actualization practice. We are seeing this politically whereby the re-advancement towards the heart of conservative consumerism and capitalism which is putting peoples rights and the environment in jeopardy even more so.  And for spiritual practice,  the watering down of ancient practices and understanding to make the practices more inclusive. For well-being to become something for every person there needs to be change.

    As far as the spiritual, we are witnessing something very interesting for there has been a trend towards this. We are seeing it within fashion and even in the corporate realm.  There is this mass push because everyone knows there is something wrong.  Yet, if we had to pinpoint it…we couldn’t.  It’s a feeling deep within us that needs to come out.  It is a part of ourselves that has been neglected.  But some practices are being held from their full power to promote inclusion. The problem with this is that it assumes that this approach will connect with everyone and the more advance practices won’t.   

    Call this spiritual activism, if you will…to allow that feeling to blossom.  In the end that deep feeling is your happiness waiting to be expressed.  It is your fullness of being and your passion.  And this recent pull back is fine yet each and everyone of us must forge on and live the life we were supposed to live. If we don’t, we will continue to suffer.  That deep feeling won’t ever go away but rather pressurize and eventually manifest in an uncontrolled manner.   

    So what does this mean?  It means you need to be YOU.  Your medicine…your gifts must be shared without any compromise.  We have been compromising ourselves for over 2000 years throughout the Piscean Age.  We have been outsourcing our entire being to allow someone else to tell us we are not God.  The Age of Aquarius is about coming into your being without compromise.  Do not fear recourse or what anyone will think, we don’t have time for fear.  We only have time to love and share.  

    We are witnessing politically the final pull for a dying ideology.  When anything is cornered and in a less than fortunate situation…it lashes back with everything it has to continue to live.  In the end it wastes its energy.  Be this an animal being attacked by prey or an ideology trying to hold on, in the end we know what will happen.  The push back is strong but in the end it wastes the remainder of the energy…and we move on.

    Do not compromise yourself, your teachings, or your presentation of them.  Be it yoga, meditation, or any practice the promotes self-actualization.  This time…right now, is sink or swim.  We cannot hold anything back.  No more secrets…give everyone everything you have.  All your gifts…all your magic.  

In the end you only have do one simple thing….

Be Yourself.


‘The Buddhist challenge to conventional Western notions of spirituality illuminates the way we set flesh and spirit at war with each other. In Buddhism there is no original sin. Although noticing how we express our sexuality can certainly lead to an awareness of right conduct, the flesh is not regarded as representing a corruption or punishment of any kind, not as an obstacle to the attainment of enlightenment. The root of human suffering is not sin, but our confusion about ego. We suffer because we believe in the existence of an individual self. This belief splits the world into “I” and “other.”’

- Stephen Butterfield, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.