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Fergus, West Highland White Terrier (4 y/o), Lubbock, TX • “Westies were bred in the Western Highlands of Scotland for the purpose of varminting – hunting down mice, rats, squirrels, birds, and other small prey. They think they’re ferocious. They know their opinions and stick to them. If you train them right they’ll love you forever. Fergus is a stud dog – it’s a tough job, but he’s good at it.”


‘Hearing Voices’ - The Fairy Glen - Isle of Skye by Gavin Hardcastle - Fototripper
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Imagine the chills I felt as for the second time I heard voices in the Fairy Glen - Scottish voices. This was my second visit to this mystical and enchanted Glen on the Isle of Skye on Scotland. The day before I felt sure I could just hear a faint conversation but as I stood atop the hill to survey the surrounding area not a soul could be seen. On the second day I’d completely forgotten about the mystery voices until once again they wafted my way. I couldn’t quite make out the words as they seemed to fade in and out, so I made a concerted effort to try strain my ears and listen harder. Again, the voices gently lapped over the crenellated hillocks and as I prepared to by awed by the magical whisperings of otherworldly fairies I finally heard this clear pronouncement. “Frae Fecks sake man, get yer feckin shayte together and pass me that feckin stack!” Magical, truly magical thought I. To this day I’m convinced it was the fairies and nothing to do with the middle aged man and boy working on a gate repair about half a kilometer away from the Glen. Enjoy Gavin Hardcastle

25 days of Outlander - Day 19: Scene I’ve Watched More Times than I’ll Admit

Jamie’s Prayer for Claire

God shield my beloved, my white dove.   And the child that she may one day bear.  Preserve her from violence and from harm.  In this place and every place.  On this night and every night. 

(adapted from the Carmina Gadelics by Alexander Carmichael ,a collection of folk poetry from the Western Isles of Scotland)

This is one of the most beautiful depictions of selfless Love I have ever seen. Jamie’s rendering of the prayer was so poignant, and so bittersweet.  He knows what is to come and he knows what he is going to have to do very soon to save Claire.  I have rewatched this several times, I suppose because I love that it is a prayer, but I also love that it shows the breadth and depth of Jamie’s love for Claire.  And I did not intend for that to rhyme!