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numbers 21, 32, or 37 from the prompts please? your choice if you want to do one two all three or none of them! thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I’ll start with #37! I hope you don’t mind I made it part of my western au! :D

“Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!”

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“Good Lord, that poor woman…”

“I’m sure she’s got to be due soon…”

“Does she have any idea how bad it is for her to be walking around like that so far along in the pregnancy?”

April grunted as she walked through the town, her husband only a half step behind her with a gentle hand on her lower back. She was so sick of the people in this town, all of them staring at her like she was some sort of circus act—and yes, she realized how ironic that thought was—as she went about her day to day errands.

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You probably wish some Anthony-Hopkins-like eccentric would hurry up and build a real Westworld for the adventure seekers and filthy perverts of today to enjoy. Well, guess what? There already was a Westworld … but it’s abandoned and falling to pieces in Japan.

Beginning in the early 1970s, the Japanese town of Tochigi has been home to Western Village, a theme park celebrating the American wild west in all of its gun-toting, manure-reeking glory. Guests of Western Village got to step back in time – which, according to its TV commercial, mainly involved shooting people and waving from train platforms.

Not unlike Westworld (which came out shortly before this park opened), Western Village was a recreation of a Western town populated by animatronic citizens vaguely resembling famous Western movie stars …’s sex doll doppelgangers.

Sadly, because no one seems to give a shit about the Western genre in the 21st Century, Western Village closed in 2007. On the bright side, nobody bothered to actually demolish it, meaning that if you can get your ass to Japan, the deserted streets of this defunct theme park are yours to roam – if you’re cool with violating trespassing laws and are for some reason longing to be the lonely Sheriff of Garbagetown.

Westworld Actually Exists In Japan (And It’s Scary As Hell)

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What's HetaOni?

(adm: HetaOni is a crossover of a horror RPG Game called Ao Oni, where a group of friends are trapped inside a haunted mansion, and Hetalia. It was originally created by a japanese fan named Tomoyoshi in 2009 [if I’m correct], and was left discontinued after a Tsunami incident in 2011 corrupted the entire game file. The original game was never available for download as it was more of a visual novel kind of thing, and was translated into various languages, available to watch in SotetAG’s youtube channel.

Since HetaOni was so famous, Western fans decided to recreate the game, being the first and most known one Pianodream’s version. A lot of other versions/spin-offs of this game were made as well. However, none of them ever had closure. What I did was to recreate the entire game from scratch, but give it my own ending. It’s why I created this blog, and right now I’m working on a sequel to my own version of the game. 

Hope this was a good enough explanation!)

Larix occidentalis “Western Larch” Pinaceae

Rattlesnake National Recreation Area, MT
October 24, 2015
Robert Niese

The Tamarack colors were in full swing around Missoula last week. They appear to be fading a bit now, but we’ll soon forget to mourn their bare branches when they become adorned with snow!

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April and Natalie meeting for the first time in the Now and Always AU is something I need in my life. If you are up for it, of course :) Thanks! <3

Thank you for this. Was not expecting to write 5k for this one, but here we are! :D You’re the best!

I’m just gonna put the AO3 link up because it’s a little long:

Now and Always - Missing Moment - “Natalie”


This week, explore the west with #mypubliclandsroadtrip in BLM Wyoming!

The BLM manages more than 17.5 million acres of public lands in Wyoming. Explore those lands with #mypubliclandsroadtrip this week for classic western movie locations and historic trails, unique wildlife and science, a stop at the annual Cheyenne Frontier Days and so much more!

Follow the roadtrip stops here on Tumblr, and the roadtrip progress at mypubliclands.tumblr.com/roadtripwyoming.


Just another period western meta comedy short film. Features the leathery voice of Ron Swanson himself, Nick Offerman. Watch.

Beautiful winter view of the Big Southern Butte in Idaho by local photographer James Neeley. Big Southern Butte is one of two domes rising from a sea of basalt near the center of the eastern Snake River Plain. The butte is one of the largest volcanic domes in the world, but at 300,000 years old is also one of the youngest. Hikers who trek to the 7,550-foot high summit are rewarded with spectacular panoramic views.

I’m Half Taiwanese/American. I moved from California from Florida to Boston when I was little and I still remember in all my elementary school years the little blond boys would tease me and say that, ‘you talky too fast’ and would pull their eyelids at me. I wouldn’t laugh when they’d laugh, and say they were joking, but I would stop talking in school sometimes and now I think that I talk pretty slow. I wasn’t a shy kid, but I was a quiet one in school.

But fast forward to 2008, my father (he’s a Chinese major) got a job offer in Beijing I left America to live in a complete other country for the first time in my life. After initial culture shock and getting used to living in an entirely new environment, I had to learn a new language and how to use chopsticks too…yeah. Learning Mandarin was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I thought I’d escaped immature people when I moved, but I soon grew tired of the people (teachers, friends, even people on the street!) asking me why I was living in Beijing if I wasn’t half Chinese, and why I would move here if no one in my family has ever lived in Mainland China. It didn’t really make me feel wanted. It made me a little homesick, but I wont go in to too much detail of my experiences there, (5 years is a long time when you’re a pre-teen/teen and a lot happened in that time span)

but the feelings I felt as a kid, and living in China, and living now like

for example I remember how mad I was when I found a couple pervy old guys trying to discreetly take pictures of me on the bus with their phones. (I was 13) My mom telling me her friends 8 year old daughter asked her mom why she didn’t look like me and my sister, why our eyes were different, and she didn’t know we were half white. I absolutely don’t agree with the idealized Eurocentric ideals of beauty that exist all over the world, not just in America, not just in China all over the world that really do affect all sorts of people. This 8 year old girl shouldn’t have to want to look different, she’s beautiful. She shouldn’t be wanting skin lightening products for her 9th birthday, or the light contact lenses that are so popular in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan..

Anyway, did that mentality, that pressure, that harsh beauty standard all magically change and get better, like I thought it would, when I moved back to the US in 2013? jfc no! I moved back to Boston, and I still feel dehumanized day after day, when I first moved back and people would ask me,

“Where are you from?”

and I’d answer “America, California, I’m from Boston-“

and they’d say they meant where I was REALLY from all along? or where my family was from…

Once I say I’ve lived in an another country - they give me funny looks, even dare make the same squinty eyes like they did back in the 2nd grade just now behind my back (I’ve called them out on it), ask me to write their names for them in Japanese or y’know “whatever language I spent five years of my life studying”, guys saying I was beautiful cause I wasn’t completely White, but wasn’t completely Asian, but y’know how lucky and exotic it was that i’d traveled, I was shocked this is in America, it’s happening in America right now this way of thinking about women and Asians, it just internalizes so many Orientalist and misogynistic stereotypes of Asian women like as a part of a long-standing fetish the hipster teenage guys I’ve met so happen to have for the Eastern arts and culture, (well, schoolgirl porn, Chinese tattoos) as well as some peoples only obvious interest in me and my heritage was part of some Hollywood-media-fueled, sexualized recreation of Western colonialism of the Asian continent and its people - that makes me so mad. I just think shouldn’t we be so much farther than this in history right now to have this in society?

Worst, now, when I say am offended by them and have the ability to call them out on their ignorance more eloquently now, they protest so hard, ignore my points, claim “ooh that’s reverse racism!” or say “You’re only half anyway, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” They try to tell me I don’t understand or have a say in “how hard it is” cause the poor white boys have had it so hard, I just “don’t know enough about it”. Cause experience in both countries isn’t enough, right..I’m a person, a human being, an individual with an entire life and god I’ll stand up for myself and other half Asians and Asians my entire life, I’ve felt so strongly about this for such a long time.


that turned out to be a long, personal vent/rant.

I have only one more question now, America, I’m half - but when will you treat me like a whole?