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Just a little production update.  We’re fine tuning a couple things in these early stages before we move onto finalized storyboards. The final boards will help with layout and key posing for animation.  There’s really nothing good looking we can show yet, its all kind of chicken scratch and stuff usually changes during this step.  We’re trying to make sure the story is air tight before we get voices or start animation.  Besides that, we’re working on sending out all the rewards lower than the “Sheriff Pack Deluxe” tier before the new year. We’ve sent out the “Rebel Rouser” tier this past weekend and they should be hitting your mailbox soon. We love seeing supporters getting their goods and showing off their swag! Thanks for sharing them! We can’t say this enough but to everyone who hasn’t done their surveys yet please try to get them done as it stops production on our end. A lot of GOFUNDME backers need to check their emails or spam. It’ll only take a minute! We just want to make sure you get your rewards. Shirts have been ordered and are on the way. We estimate they’ll get to us in early December. Crew members are also being assembled. Animation takes a while, so we thank everyone for being so patient. More updates soon! 

Fan Bing Bing absolutely killing it and looking like an immaculate goddess at the Met Gala, meanwhile nearly everyone else entirely missed the theme memo.

‘Pisces Season’ by androidparts
Hey it’s Pisces season (Feb 21st – Mar 21st) so go ahead and show your Piscean pride or buy a gift for your favorite Pisces! • Buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

Hey guys this is available as a print and other items as well! Show your Piscean pride or buy a gift for your favorite Pisces! (I’m sure their birthday is coming up!!)


A fashion review by Ajisafe Marvellous showcasing a blend of african and western prints.

imagery by me(Benson .U. Edokpayi)
In collaboration with Pelumi ‘Andikan’ Edwin


to be really honest I think those kinds of sweeping generalizations of Frida and ignoring her life’s work and philosophies is really based on making her more palatable to white ppl especially white feminists. Like……those kinds of narratives of her absolutely ignore how important nationalist movements were to her? They never touch on her hatred of the west or the fact that she actively disliked white ppl and regularly critiqued/dissed them? Her disgust with European beauty standards? her critiques of colonialism and america? Her life and works seem p centered around poc and specifically her experience as a poc and her accident and miscarriages? u can’t erase that to make her available for consumption by the western world u should appreciate her for the amazing woman she really was and not at the expense of her person and message