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can i ask, why you are of lubavitch judaism and not other branches like satmar. as a newbie convert i'm overwhelmed by which sect is both orthodox and authentic and the most beneficial for my conservative and orthodox inclined nature thank you

The biggest (most revealed), reason why I became Lubavitch is because that happened to be the best thing and best resources available to me when I was becoming frum. It really also helps that the philosophy was very practical, much moreso than theoretical. The idea of having the brain rule entirely over the heart is not an easy message for western society, where people are constantly told to follow their hearts. The premise is that your heart seeks after selfish lusts, and even if it drives you to do kindness, it won’t be altruistic kindness. Kindness from the heart is kindness because “I emphasize with you, and since it will make you feel better, it will make me also feel good.”

Now there isn’t really anything fundamentally wrong with that, but what happens when the subject requiring kindness isn’t easy to empathize with - or any other way where giving doesn’t make you feel personally good about yourself. That’s where the intellectual perspective comes in - that we shouldn’t act and give out kindness because something feels good, we should act because what we are doing is objectively and intellectually morally correct, regardless of how we personally feel about it. And through contemplating deeply on how it is morally correct and the reasons why, we can arouse positive emotions regarding it.

The perspective of chabad is forming an Intellectual relationship with G-d. The perspective of other groups of “Chagas” Chassidus is to form an emotional relationship with G-d, using the positive aspects of the heart to influence and excite the intellect. Some groups in the orthodoxy focus more on reward and punishment as a motivation for good behavior, some focus on the positive of forming an active relationship with G-d, some focus more on the innate humility that a person has to have in the presence of the king. All of these ideas exist in all of the movements, they just focus more on one primary aspect than the others.

I feel like asian people are constantly limited (esp. in western cultures) because a lot of us cannot be ourselves without nonasian people either fetishizing us or making fun of us. Asian teenagers, and mainly asian girls, can’t wear their fucking school uniform without western people thinking it’s “sexy” when those people are usually underage. Asian people can’t enjoy cultural foods without condesending people making rude comments like “omg is it dog meat?!?!?!” Asian people’s hard work is brushed off almost always. We can’t even play the characters made to represent us, the roles are always given to a white actor. Don’t get me started on how our languages are always seen as just some cutesy lines and squiggles that are “aesthetic. And people who are Indian, Malaysian, Arab, Native Russian, or from a country that isn’t China/Japan/Korea are ALWAYS excluded when people talk about Asia. I’m sick of that. Asian people deserve to exist without being fetishized or mocked. 

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In the western world….

People of colour aren’t oppressed.

Women arent oppressed.

Disabled people aren’t oppressed.

LGBT people aren’t oppressed.

Self diagnosing is wrong, and can hurt people.

The wage gap isn’t real.

Being extremely overweight won’t be seen as healthy, nor beautiful.

There’s only two genders.

Kids shouldn’t transition.

As a whole….

White people aren’t racist.

Men aren’t sexist.

Straight people aren’t homophobic.

Able bodied people aren’t ableist.

Skinny people aren’t fatphobic.

wtf is wrong with the world. someone not apart of your culture loves your culture so much they want to join in it and you all blast them for that? make fun of them cuz they don’t know perfect pronunciation or whatever. how is that  negativity supposed to make the world a better place? all it does is make people afraid to embrace your culture, therefore separating us all… it only adds to the hate we see in the world that’s derived from not embracing our differences.

 like what if kpop stars did that to non koreans singing their music? do you think these kpop stars care if non-koreans pronounce words not 100% perfectly or do you think they’re fucking happy that non-koreans are enjoying korean music/culture and want to be apart of it? that’s a legit fucking question. do you think luis fonsi or daddy yankee called jb a gringo when they ALLOWED him to remix the song in spanish? no, they were happy that a non spanish-speaking person was listening to their music (just like we are when non-english people love our music).

i’m seeing so many people shit on justin bieber because he tried to sing in spanish to respect the SPANISH roots, instead of hijacking a spanish song with shitty english verses and you’re all beating him up about it? 

this is a song in almost all spanish

and its #1 on the billboard hot 100. in the US.  it’s the first song in spanish to top the charts here since macarena from 1996  and instead of looking at this as an opportunity to broaden the embracement of spanish/hispanic/latin culture, people are making fun of “white girls” because they were introduced to reggaeton because jb sang in spanish on a remix of an already global hit. 

when people try to embrace different cultures they get shat on but then y’all complain about how people outside of your culture don’t understand you. 

music is supposed to be fun, the safe space away from bs like this but nope, people would rather be assholes. 

edit #2 15/12/2015: the context for this post is that in 2014, while my atheist ass was chilling with my Catholic family, i started thinking about how Christmas, despite being marketed as a non-religious holiday and celebrated in the western world by people of all religions these days, still contains elements that are clearly Christian - the word “Christ” literally being in the name, nativity scenes in Santa parades, songs about the birth of Christ - and wondering if that created any dissonance for non-Christians. i made a flippant post about it which got zero notes.

fast-forward to december 2015, i’ve grudgingly slid into agnosticism over the past year, i find this post in my xmas tag and reblog it, intending to start a conversation with any mutuals online. a few Christian-raised mutuals get the joke and reblog it without commentary. it starts to gather notes and a few people are angry at what they think is a lack of sensitivity towards the fact that Christmas is shoved down everyone’s throats, so i make the first edit (at the end of the post), not realising the original is circulating fast. three days later it has 20k notes and i’m drowning.

this post wasn’t an angry one, it wasn’t mocking or attacking non-Christians. i’m fully aware of Christianity’s frequently violent and hateful history, and the pagan roots of the holiday. i was raised entirely aware of the large gap in what the Catholic Church preaches and what the Catholic Church does, and i have, actually, questioned its teachings for most of my life, identifying as an atheist since i was eight. i haven’t been brainwashed or lied to and i don’t think everyone should have to listen to my “made-up book” (thanks, militant atheist tumblr). i know Santa isn’t in the Bible, thanks for that shocking revelation.

to everyone who took the post in the spirit in which it was intended: thank you for your stories about how you celebrate Christmas, they’re really sweet. i am genuinely happy that Christmas is a holiday celebrated by a wide variety of people for a wide variety of reasons. i’m going to publish the stories i already have, but i can’t guarantee i’ll publish anymore (though this post seems to be slowing down, thank God).

this is the last thing i ever want to say about this, so if i get any more hate about it i’ll just link to this post. merry Christmas everyone, and a happy New Year.

what’s christmas even like in non-christian families? in completely non-religious families? like what do you tell your children? “well, kids, we’re eating a whole lot of food and spending a fuckton of money spoiling you because some other people somewhere believe their holy lord and saviour and the greatest person to walk the earth was born 2000 years ago. here’s a playstation.”

edit: all sarcasm in this post was directed at the commercialisation of this day, which i am fully aware is due to the actions of the race who forced this religion on nearly the whole world in this first place. it wasn’t directed at non-christians and i would genuinely like to know how non-christians who celebrate christmas explain the holiday to their children, if anyone would like to share.

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okay but if someone doesn't experience homophobia or transphobia then they're not lgbt it's as simple as that.... the lgbt community doesn't exist for the purpose of being "inclusive" it literally is by nature exclusive to people who experience homophobia and/or transphobia

No, I’m sorry, that’s simply not true. I’ve written an awful lot about this, which you can find under my ‘ace exclusion’ tag. But since there’s a lot under there, let’s hit all the highlights. Frankly, it’ll be nice to have an omnibus post I can just pass to people from now on. 

This post is not an argument of your point, it is a reference post, because you are simply wrong.

This post is going to be very, very long, and very, very US-centric. It is important to state right up front that this discussion is extremely Western-centric. I do not have the right personally to speak on gender and sexual orientations from indigenous communities of which I am not a member, but it is absolutely important to acknowledge that the colonization of gender and sexual identity of non-Western peoples is a) wrong as fuck and b) we need to knock it off and c) none of the stuff I’m writing necessarily applies to non-Western peoples/indigenous peoples. 

1) This ‘formed to fight homophobia and transphobia’ definition of LGBT is literally and completely an invention of Tumblr. It started on Tumblr, it really only exists on Tumblr, and it only exists for the sole purpose of excluding minority sexualities and orientations (not limited to but currently focused on asexuality). It’s a very recent invention and this specific definition is less than eighteen months old. Probably less than a year old, but I’ll be honest: I don’t have the time or patience to go through the history on Tumblr and read all the hateful stuff that I’d have to in order to find the first use of that particular little piece of nonsense.

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If Clarke and Lexa were strangers on a train, how would that go? It could be any kind of train, anywhere in the world, any AU your creativity conjures up.

Write it, draw it, make moodboards, anything.

POST IT and tag it #SOAT CLEXA CHALLENGE and/or tag @anonbemetoo ( click here for the original post)

Share this, send this to your favorite writers/artists. Let’s have some fun. 

I dare each and every one of you North American/Western European people to travel to China, North Korea, Pakistan, or Turkmenistan and complain about your “oppression”. Complain about “man-spreading” to the acid-burned mother and child-bride. Or complain about how “Merry Christmas” is offensive to a member of the Chinese Underground Church. I dare you to look oppression in the eyes and tell them about your problems and why you never got off your butt to somehow help them…


Just hadn’t posted much and wanted you guys to know I was actually still drawing.
Four of these I’m planning to finish and a few are gifts. Also threw in some western AU stuff I’ve been avoiding posting because I can’t imagine anyone is interested but me and maybe Nicole.
Also, have you guys seen that dress meme? Because that’s where that Hondo came from.
Also, Sillah makes a guest appearance and she’s @nmallenart oc! The rest are Star Wars characters I’m bastardizing I’m sure but at least I’m having fun, even if it’s just mostly by myself XD

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