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tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey

The Many Looks of Dr. Harrison Wells - Part 5!

Since today is Christmas Eve and we are a month away from season 3 returning, I figured that it’s the best time to continue on with the tradition!!! And what a lovely collection this is going to be!!! We have a new Harrison this time round, with HR Wells who has brought color to his outfits while still being true to Harrison and having his usual black too!!! I know Harry was back for 2 episodes but I believe that his look was similar to what we saw in s2 so I’m not including those… and instead, we kick things off with the Multiverse!Wells!!! ^__^

(part 4:http://missmendelsohn.tumblr.com/post/148774453400/the-many-looks-of-dr-harrison-wells-part-4)

A Southern? Western? Cowboy Outfit (Hells Wells) -  

Steampunk Look (Earth-17 Harrison) -  

French Mime - 

Hatman! (Earth-19 HR Wells) - 

Hat + Scarf - 

Scarf without Hat - 

Black Jacket without Scarf - 

Only Scarf - 

T-Shirt + Vest Combo - 

Badass Black Boots - 

T-Shirt + Vest Combo #2 - 

HR with Drumsticks - 

HR without Drumsticks - 

Grey Sweater - 

Grey T-shirt - 

Santa Hat + Scarf - 

Santa Hat without Scarf - 

Aaaaaaand my current favorite…. Ugly Christmas Sweater - 

Credit goes to @maggiedens and @tkdnxv for most of the screencaps!!! and @politeandnotgay for the gif? If I’ve missed out on some combinations or different outfits, feel free to let me know and I’ll edit them in!!! Until season 3b then… we’ve got lots more HR to look forward to, Harry’s return, so let’s see what the second half of the season brings us!!! 

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I have always loved the long hair on the Hakuouki guys because of its meaning to them as Samurai. Not only as a sign of status but what cutting off the hair meant.

“Cutting off hair in Ancient Asia (Japan, China, Korea, & Possibly some other Asian Cultures) Symbolizes being banished or rejected from their home”  

It was also known to bring bad luck in some cultures as well so I always hurt when I see them cut their hair. So I decided to do some editing  so they could have their western outfits but still have their long hair. I did this a while back but I decided to share it now.

okay okay so in class we’re watching the feminist frequency video about sexualized NPC characters in video games and she uses mass effect as a way to show that even if you play as femshep things like getting a dance from Asari hookers still happen and like, I get her point, right? But at the same time, there are so many mentions in the game about how the Asari are actively working to remove this stereotype from their people and the men who objectify them are vilified? Also, not to mention that while the Asari have this stereotype in-universe, no one uses this against them when they are not in sex work positions. 

you can’t use ME as an example for these things because some aspects of ME actually exist to subvert these tropes. If you want to rat on ME for sexist tropes, even oversexualization of NPCs and characters (let’s be real here: every shot of Miranda exists to be a shot of her ass, and don’t get me started on Jack’s outfits) there are actually a ton, but the Asari hookers are a horrible example to use because they’re supposed to highlight the problems of the male gaze in universe. That’s my opinion, anyways. 

(it should also be mentioned that the Asari hooker dances do absolutely nothing to give you benefits, unlike other games that impose the “background characters for sex” trope or whatever she calls it)

Pandora Hearts - Popularity Poll - Most Stylish - 24 + 1 Last Dance - English Translation

Which character do you think is the most stylish?

First Place: Sharon Rainsworth: “I…I’m not really used to being in a position like this, so I’m feeling a bit…shy. But, I’m very honored.”

Second Place: Lotty

Third Place: Xerxes Break (Kevin)

Fourth Place: Oz Vessalius

Fifth Place: Isla Yura

(6th to 10th Place, Not Shown Above)

6th Place: Ada Vessalius

7th Place: Gilbert Nightray

8th Place: Vincent Nightray

9th Place: Rufus Barma

10th Place: Sheryl Rainsworth

(Fan Comments under the Read More).

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1. The cheerleading concept
AOA and Twice are not “stealing” from snsd because snsd did not create cheerleading outfits. It’s a general American cheerleading outfit and western pop culture has been using it before snsd was made.
2. pictures in a line with hands on the hips
Genie and gee did not create this method, this style of taking pictures helps elongate legs, which is why many, NOT just snsd stand like that
3. Pure concepts
Snsd is a second generation kpop girl group. Groups like s.e.s. and fin.k.l have done pure concepts and I’m pretty sure jpop had pure girl concepts before 2007.
Snsd happened to be 9 members it wasn’t even some special concept to have 9 members. Twice was supposed to be 7 but became 9 due to jyp adding momo and tzuyu by fan vote and personal choice
people are saying that each member of twice can be paired with a member of snsd (with jessica) and yes you can pair any 9 people with 9 other people. They have the “same” group roles because those are roles in EVERY FUCKING GROUP. Taeyeon was not the first leader and main vocal. Sunny was not the first charm member. Yoona was not the first visual. Why are people saying “jihyo is a leader and main vocal, dahyun is the charm member, tzuyu is the visual, clearly they’re ripping off snsd” does that even make sense?!?!? I’m loosing my wits i can’t even
People need to stop shitting on Twice as snsd’s knockoff because it’s just not a thing and it’s getting out of hand with the twice comeback happening.
@jungsisxaesthetic please spread this it’s so frustrating

Lone Ranger

By Thoughtful Misfit

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I go through weird phases every now and then. First it was Crocodile Dundee, then it was Michael Landon from Little House on the Prairie (I mean, his hair.. also pretty much bought the exact hat he wears on the show). I don’t know what to call my latest phase - it’s part Mad Max, part Lone Ranger. It includes leather, scuffed boots, mini skirts, fringe, and the occasional organic material like bone, or quartz. But no matter what phase I go through, there’s always a minimalist thread in it somewhere. Even if it’s in just a single piece - like the camisole I’m wearing in this outfit.

I think having one minimalistic piece is what makes experimenting so much easier. It provides a foundation for everything else. And if, for some reason, I decide that I am no longer obsessed with the Lone Ranger (seriously tho, like that will ever happen), my minimalistic pieces will still be there to carry me through the next phase.



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Fringe and bone mini skirt and Céline sunglasses

Céline sunglasses and Lionette Avish layered necklace

Fringe mini skirt and simple camisole

Beach waves and stacked rings details

Nasty Gal Easy Rider Leather Skirt

Pistol Booties

Wantering’s cool search of the week: “beach


Long time no tumblr!
Yesterday’s purikura. Our day didn’t go quite as planned, but we were supposed to meet a friend in Harajuku, but she never showed up and when we checked Twitter she had blocked us on there, so probably on line as well… So weird! But we decided to just not think too much of it as since far as we know we did nothing wrong and just decided to have a fun day around Harajuku and later Shibuya (and boy can guys be irritating there). Later on we joined our friends and their classmates in Shinjuku to go to an Izakaya and had an awesome night!٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و