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Requested by @mikazau

So, the idea he gave me is an Elf Prince Yuri and Otabek’s first meeting. The setting is a masquerade ball that’s attended by representatives of each race (Elves, dwarves, humans, etc.). In this piece, Yuri, the Elf Prince whom everybody knows by name but not by face, wanted to sneak out of the castle (the host is a human lord and the ball takes place at his castle) to maybe explore the castle and see how human city looks like, but unfortunately, he’s spotted by Otabek, a knight working in the castle, who only recognised him as a guest of the ball.

I wasn’t going to add any texts, but ughhh I like the idea and some texts to add to the story isn’t gonna hurt, right??? RIGHT! Jeez, all these fantasy AUs are giving me ideas…


tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey


Have you ever considered the possibility?? I saw a cg from Hana no Shou where Chizuru is dressed in a western dress and has short hair and remembered my old idea about drawing her cutting her hair as everyone did in the second part of the story. Because I think she really could do it. Even if just in solidarity x)

Also, the OTGW scissors are here because of  “M” IS FOR THE MISERY HE LEFT ME IN, “N"EVER TO RETURN AGAIN from this beautiful song x) You know why.

anonymous asked:

what is that black cloak Ranpo wears on the cover of ADA origins light novel? is it like standard japanese high school uniform??

It’s called a gakuran, basically your typical middle and high school uniform for boys consisting of black or very dark blue trousers paired with a buttoned jacket. These uniforms first appeared during the Meiji Restoration. Japan had begun its rapid modernization then, prompting public education to become mandatory. They patterned their school uniforms after the Western military outfits they saw, partly because they looked “modern” and partly because they were easy to make. If you’re interested, there’s more info here  and if you want to view some nice pictures you can also check @opojsds out!

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could ya do rafe in a sexy cowboy outfit? i know he just got a western outfit but I havent seen it yet, so I'm making it up in my head haha. I can send you a pic of the outfit in messages for a ref :^)

Oh, sorry. Now is already after release his western skin.
But, I looked that and that was not sexy. lol
(but ribbon tie is so cute! haha)

So I’ve drew sexy cowboy Rafe by my image!
Of course I understand that this differs from your image. Sorry~!
And I made him that posing new danse motion for bonus. lol

Thank you for your request!

Amy x Fem!reader friendship
  •  Going thrift shopping together
  • Trying on western outfits while taking photos.
  •  Ladies’ road trip with Kathryn
  • Always sassing each other.
  • Trying on sunglasses together while making wired poses.
  •   Girl’s night in
  •   Face masks, snacks, X-files marathon.
  • Amy and you agree that she’s Fox Mulder out of the duo.
  •   With the face mask on, you guys look like aliens.
  •  90s A E S T H E T I C
  •  Double dates with Mark and your S/O
  • Playing with Chica all the time
  •  Picking out hair dye together
  •  Vlogging together
  • C O L L A B S
  •  Going stargazing
  • Only to look for UFO
  • “Dude, I think that’s one!”
  • “Amy, that’s a plane…”
  •  Being abducted while stargazing
  • Judging the boys behind the camera
  • Amy trying to pair you up with Ethan or Tyler.
  • “I don’t think they even see me like that…”
  • “That’s a bunch of garbo… ”
  • Chilling poolside with Chica.
  • Couldn’t ask for a better best friend

That was my first imagine and I hoped you enjoyed it! I can’t wait to start posting more of these so until then I’ll see you later!


Akuaasante SS17 Cocktail Outfit

This cocktail outfit, made of neoprene and inspired by the Ghanaian culture movement, and the western cuts. This outfit is perfect for any evening occasion and definitely would have people stare at you, as it is a rare statement piece. I completed the look with a beautiful gold sparkling clutch from lacefacebyshade. What are your thoughts

Fashion Look by chicamastyle