western grey plantain-eater

Western Grey Plantain-eater - Crinifer piscator

The Western Grey Plantain-eater, scientifically named Crinifer piscator (Cuculiformes - Musophagidae), is a West African species whose call is one of the most familiar of this area.

Like all turacos, this one is strongly territorial. They can be seen in family groups for long time. The group may travel large distances to find abundant food source such as a particularly favoured fruiting tree. 

They are monogamous with strong pair-bonds. These birds display effusive greetings bowing their heads and spread their tail fan. Rituals also include mutual exchange of food and loud calls when they perch in the treetops.

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Photo credit: ©Isidro Vila Verde | Locality: Abuko Reserve, Sara Job Kunda, Western, The Gambia (2007)

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Western Plantain-eater (Crinifer piscator)

Also known as the Grey Plantain-eater or the Western Grey Plantain-eater, the western plantain-eater is a large species of Turaco (Musophagidae) that is a resident breeder in open woodland habitats in tropical west Africa. C. piscator is very similar to the related eastern plantain-eater, but lacks the white tail bars of its relative and instead has distinct chest bars and dark wing feather shafts. Western plantain-eaters are known to feed mainly on fruit, notably figs, plantains, seeds, and occasionally other vegetable matter.


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