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Today in 1763 the battle of Bushy Run was fought on in western Pennsylvania, between a British column under the command of Colonel Henry Bouquet and a combined force of Delaware, Shawnee, Mingo, and Huron warriors. This action occurred during Pontiac’s Rebellion. Though the British suffered serious losses, they routed the tribemen and successfully relieved the garrison of Fort Pitt.

Painting: Battle of Bushy Run by Don Troiani Historical Artist

“One of the most memorable moments in North American Military history. Bouquet’s resolute Highlanders turn calamity into victory through sheer bravery and the wielding of cold steel. A pivotal battle fought between British and Native Americans during the conflict known as Pontiac’s War (1763-64) and the role of this British victory in maintaining control of North America.

Looking at the scene that Mr. Troiani presents I can only imagine the fear the soldiers had when confronted with the savage warrior and the blood curling screams they made as they charged their foes. The action shown in this painting has captured the intensity of the battle. All the weaponry of the time for both sides is so historically accurate, along with the uniforms of the British and the dress of the Indians.

The 213 acres of forested and grassy areas that comprise Bushy Run Battlefield, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, can be viewed as one large historical entity. The events that transpired here in August 1763, during Pontiac’s War, forever set Bushy Run apart as a place of historical significance. The battle near Bushy Run and the events of Pontiac’s War leading to the battle add to the understanding of the Indian-European culture clash, which is an important theme in American history. The battle also has a place in the broader study of American settlement and expansion, and possesses great significance in the realm of British, Amerian and Indian military history.

The British victory at Bushy Run was the critical turning point in Pontiac’s War. It also prevented the capture of Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh) and restored lines of communication between the frontier and eastern settlements. The British victory helped to keep the “gateway to western expansion” open.

Pontiac, an Ottawa chief in the Detroit areas, retaliated against British policies and control following the collapse of New France at the close of the French and Indian War. Because of Pontiac’s successful advances against the British, Indian revolts quickly spread eastward. His plans were covert until 1763 when attacks on British outposts began. By the end of July, nine British forts were captured, a tenth fort abandoned, and the great strongholds of Pitt and Detroit under seige. The geographic area affected included the present states of Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and parts of Maryland and West Virginia. Truly this was the greatest Indian threat to the British colonies during the 18th century.

Because the Indians so throroughly controlled the frontier, information about the war filtered slowly east to the British high command. Once the scope of the situation was realized in late June, an expedition was organized to march west to Fort Pitt and then to proceed north and west to re-estabish fallen forts. Colonel Henry Bouquet, a Swiss born professional soldier, commanded the expedition as it left Carlisle, Pennsylvania on July 18th. Indian scouts observed Bouquet’s army marching west along Forbes Road and reported this to the large force of Indians surrounding Fort Pitt. The Indians decided to temporarily end their siege and attack the British expedition in the open. The attack took place one mile east of Bushy Run Station on August 5th and 6th, 1763. The engagement resulted in a victory for the British.”

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Do you think Palestine can survive the monster of geopolitics? It seems to me that the US, Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia and their interests will overrun the goal of Palestinian self determination. I may be overly pessimistic

I fully believe that by 2048, there will be no more Palestine, and that Israel will reign supreme from the Golan Heights to the Sinai Peninsula, from the Jordan to the Mediterranean. 

Jerusalem will be its capital, with a thriving tourist economy, and a population that is decidedly more conservative and religious than the more secular and liberal Tel-Aviv. Of course, the people of Jerusalem would say, it is no wonder that those in Tel-Aviv are so liberal, because they do not have to suffer the indignity of sharing the East side of their city with undesireables who keep throwing rocks at the APCs that patrol the ghettos.

Arab Muslims will be a second class minority in the Jewish State, and thriving Israeli settlements will dot what was once known as the West Bank but will then be known as Judea and Samaria.

Gaza, once a bombed out ruin, will have been rebuilt into a bustling, majority Ashkenazic glass and steel metropolis, the gateway between Western Europe and the Middle East. They might even erect a large statue of Judah Maccabee off the coast, holding aloft a humongous Menorah to light the way for Jews around the world.

Palestine at that point will be a memory. Perhaps the American liberals of the time will find themselves free to chastise Israel in the media for the “potential acts of genocide” that had transpired, once it is too late to stop them. Israeli liberals likewise may find themselves so overcome with guilt, if they acknowledge that there had been any wrongdoing on their part at all, to fund comprehensive welfare and affirmative action programs for those Arabs that desire to live and attend university outside of their reservations.

At such a point, I can only hope that the evangelicals were right, and that Christ, the Son of Man, will descend from the heavens and kill us all, because if we let this happen, none of us deserve to live.

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@welovethebeekeeper hosted an amazing time at the last London con, so this time @hotsmugstache and I want to invite everyone once again. Whether you’re attending the convention or not, everyone is welcome! 


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