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TB is clearly meant to have it’s own style, but if anyone could direct me to an archive of 80′s/90′s Japanese high fashion that has something similar just so I can know what in the fresh hell that business looks like in 3D that would be grand


Y’all there has never been anything more important to me than The Dark Tower.  It is a scifi-western epic sporting Idris Elba in the lead role. What more could you want? It hits theaters on August 4th, 2017. Please go support it.

Why BTS Winning a BBMA is More Than That

On Sunday 21st May in Las Vegas, Bangtan Sonyeondan (meaning Bulletproof Boyscouts, abbreviated to BTS) made history as the first Asian act, let alone the first K – Pop act, to win an accredited Billboard Music Award. Although it was a stepping stone for them, it was a giant leap in the right direction for Asians in general.

BTS – meaning to be bulletproof against the prejudices and oppressions against youths – is a seven-member boy band from a small company in South Korea. Being a small company in a competitive industry meant that BTS had to overcome their own obstacles from keyboard warriors in their home country. It was partly due to the lingering stereotype against hip hop artists who became idols, seen as going against “true hip hop”. However, it was also due to the limited resources the company were able to allocated to the group for their promotions in comparison to power houses such as YG, SM or JYP. Said companies – also known as the “big three” – have consistently debuted artists who have succeeded and bought in money, so for a company that was in debt yet still had a group that succeeded both domestically and internationally meant that they faced a lot of criticisms.

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