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  • Habitat preference: Found mostly in rain forest. Said to prefer relatively low and thick, flowering bushes.
  • Venom: Bites from this particular species have resulted in at least one report of severe hematological complications as well as two deaths.

me: award shows don’t really mean a thing and should never be taken seriously

me in December when Nier: Automata gets cheated out at TGA for some Western open-world game:

“There needs to be more female characters in video games!”

External image

“She’s too sexualized.”

External image

“She’s not on the cover”

External image

“She’s white.”

External image

“She doesn’t have dark skin.”

External image

“She’s not a part of the main AC series and she’s too clean.”

External image


External image


(Just thought I’d make fun of that goalpost moving post without having to clog up people’s dashboards too much. I’m sure people will say that I didn’t list enough characters and use that as “proof” that there still aren’t enough female characters, but if they really want to pull that on me I’ll bring out my list yet again.)

anonymous asked:

why is it that when western games like sunset overdrive do something trying to be funny n goofy it comes off as forced n kinda cringey but then theres games like yakuza that do it n it just feels so right n genuinely funny

irony poisoning

western games can’t do anything fun anymore without winking at the audience so many times it looks like they’re having a seizure. There’s like, shame about it. The game can’t do it without shrugging and going “Oh HOW WACKY~ guess we’ll do it anyway~!”

Meanwhile Yakuza realizes you’re not going to take recruiting a chicken as a real estate manager seriously anyway, so why wink and elbow you? You know it’s a joke. Play it straight. It’s even funnier that way.

Western-produced game trailers nowadays are all like

*complete darkness, ambient sounds of like the wind or the ocean*


*soft, slow and dramatic piano music*

Some female singer that sounds like bootleg Lorde: *sings super slow and sad version of Dare to be Stupid*


Everyone already knows that E2 Gaming did some really shady stuff with Taisho Alice, but their behavior only continues to get shadier. 

What I can only assume came from the horrible controversy on their facebook and the backlash they have received from fans, E2 Gaming has completely deleted their Facebook page. When I tried to pull it up from a Google search, this was what I found. 

However, the website for E2 Gaming is still up and running. 

It’s obvious now that their goal in deleting the page was to hide and quell the fan outcry in order to sell more of their abysmal localization attempts. They are trying to deceive their customers so they can continue to produce horrible content. They are disrespecting the Western otome audience, the otome audience as a whole and, more than anyone else, they are severely disrespecting Primula. 

At this point, it’s up to the fans on social media to expose them. Speak out against them at every turn. Reblog as many posts that have the truth and explain what is going on. If you see someone posting about wanting to buy the game or talking about it, make sure they know what they’re getting into. 

If you’re considering buying the game as I joke, I would sincerely reconsider. Giving money to this sham of a company is not a good idea and will only benefit them. If you want to benefit Primula and not E2, buy the Japanese version of Taisho Alice. You can find it on Amazon. If you want to support western releases, buy Aksys Games’ and Idea Factory International’s localizations as well as others like Nightshade that were grabbed from respectable indie companies. 

The person/people behind E2 are liars and scam artists. Do not touch Vol. 2 when it launches. Make sure they know we will not tolerate this kind of treatment. The western fans like myself have worked very hard to support the localization of otome games, and to see how people are trying to take advantage of our small market is disgusting. 



(vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu_u-JUMIPs)

Ays Samuel…

Monday Update #29 - Great Sabbatical

The more I thought about it, the less happy I was with the layout as well as the general look of Santa Alfonso Canyon, so I’m starting from scratch– with new assets in tow!

The HUD has been redone, minus the ‘current weapon’ display in the main box thing. The trees are now more yellow and dead-looking, and the canyon will have a river running through the middle, to provide some continuity in the landscape (the river terminates at the ocean to the south). Plus some cacti.

water tut i used

Bessie and Hovoni also run with Elmer now, animations and all.

The gameplay is taking shape, but we’re still miles off from a demo ;;

Next update is going to be about the long-overdue redesign for a lot of the characters in Lone Star… yeah. Elmer looks too plain.

See you next Monday!