western fallout

In the Shadow of the Valley
Lost Weekend Western Swing Band
In the Shadow of the Valley

In the shadow of the valley
I would like to settle down
Wide open space
Wind on my face

A distant horizon
The moon on the crest
In the shadow of the valley
That I love best

You have always waited for me
And you always will be there
Sage brush and pine
Old friends of mine

A little bit further
I will find my rest
In the shadow of the valley
That I love best…  

What happens when you have some chick who never explains anything ask the mayor of Goodneighbor for help in finding a crazy old captain, have him wholeheartedly accept and then rope your neighborhood detective/resident mother-hen synth into the mix?

You get one weird hell of a time.

I wanted to do something special for October 23, start and end of the Great War :D why not draw the boys and a certain beloved captain?

It ended up looking like some kind of spaghetti western movie poster though


I’m aware that Cowboy AU happened weeks ago but I still wanted to contribute. Here they are: Meg, the America-famous horse breeder and ranch owner, and her partner… eh, who cares about his name! She’s the real deal here, a kick-ass woman who punches anyone in the mouth who tells her she can’t ride a horse astride.
(Their attire is probably not very accurate but meh.)

Have Gun, Will Travel
– A Western playlist heavily inspired by Fallout: New Vegas

Heavily inspired by all the time I’ve spent traveling over the Mojave wasteland. Kick off your dusty boots, turn your Pip-Boy radio over to Radio New Vegas and sit back with a cold Sunset Sarsaparilla. Take some time to reflect on some of your happier trails while the likes of Marty Robbins, Gene Autry, Sons of the Pioneers and more sing you to sleep under the wide, irradiated western sky.