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Modern Right Wing Populist groups while admirers and lovers of state power are still not the same as fascists of the past. Those historical extreme parties faded away after the war existing in Arab countries in the Syrian, Hezbollah, and Baathist Nationalist parties as well as former Soviet nations.  Those past groups were influenced by romanticism, futurism, national, race mysticism, and violent revolution meant to be exported in perpetual war.  These new groups in Western and Central  Europe while racist do not envision creating a new man but want to retreat to the past.  They are isolationist and do not want to be engaged in long term wars for things like a Greater Germany.  They want violence domestic and localized in prisons and deportations but for the most part they are just far right progressives.  The radical nationalist programs of the 1930s exist in places like North Korea and other countries that did not experience defeat after the Second World War left the Axis Powers in ruin.  It is important to think more critically about fascism and how populist national movements evolved in the west. Thinking they remained static or were all the same leaves you blind to the enemy’s dagger.

Classic Western European Fairytale Perfumes

Cinderella / Aschenputtel

Moon Dance, Juliette Has A Gun: as the name suggests, the perfect romantic perfume to wear dancing in a pavilion late at night. It’s a rare luminous perfume: silvery, shimmery, sliding into the floral citrus notes of bergamot, eventually warming up to the rose, and softly fading away with musk.
bergamot / violet / rose / tuberose / patchouli / musk

Hansel & Gretel / The Erl King

Fille En Aiguilles, Serge Lutens: when I first smelled it, I was immediately transported to the pine and balsam forests of my childhood. It simmers with warm resinous notes - just the sort of forest the children would have been lost in. 
pine needles / vetiver / laurel bay leaf / resin / frankincense

Beauty and the Beast / La Belle et La Bête

Eau Parfumée Au Thé Bleu, Bvlgari: I imagine Beauty in soft wool, reading books, smelling of frosty Provençal lavender, fresh hay, and warm violet. The perfume’s drydown is a pale, luminous iris. It’s understated and gentle, warm and bittersweet.
lavender / shiso leaves / blue tea / violet / iris / musk

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Heure Exquise, Annick Goutal: a classic floral perfume, its vintage glamour is precisely what makes it so suited to the idea of twelve princesses dancing beneath leaves of gold and silver. Its vivacious rose-galbanum heart is softened by the powdery almond and gentle coumarin. It envelops you in luxurious textures: cashmere, alpaca…
iris / hyacinth / rose / galbanum / almond / coumarin / sandalwood


Untitled by Harald Wesenberg

Did Europeans “civilize” the Americas? Actually, anthropologists tell us that “hunters and gatherers were relatively peaceful, compared to agriculturalists, and that modern societies were more warlike still. Thus violence increases with civilization.

[…] Textbooks cannot resist contrasting "primitive” Americans with modern Europeans.

[…] Europeans persuaded Natives to specialize in the fur and slave trades. Native Americans were better hunters and trappers than Europeans, and with the guns the Europeans sold them, they became better still. Other Native skills began to atrophy.

[…] because whites “demanded institutions reflective of their own with which to relate,” many Native groups strengthened their tribal governments… New confederations and nations developed.. The tribes also became more male- dominated, in imitation of Europeans.. [there was] an escalation of Indian warfare… [the slave trade helped] to deagriculturize Native Americans. To avoid being targets for capture, Indians abandoned their cornfields and their villages.

[…] "Europeans did not “civilize” or “settle” roaming Indians, but had the opposite impact.

[…] According to Benjamin Franklin, “All their government is by Counsel of the Sages. There is no Force; there are no Prisons, no officers to compel Obedience, or inflict Punishment.” Probably foremost, the lack of hierarchy in the Native socieites in the eastern United States attracted the admiration of European observers. Frontiersmen were taken with the extent to which Native Americans enjoyed freedom as individuals. Women were also accorded more status and power.. than in white societies of the time.

[…] "Indeed, Native American ideas may be partly responsible for our democratic institutions. We have seen how Native ideas of liberty, fraternity, and equality found their way to Europe to influence social philosophers such as Thomas More, Locke, Montaigne, Montesquieu, and Rousseau… Through 150 years of colonial contact, the Iroquois League stood before the colonies as an object lesson in how to govern a large domain democratically.

[…] John Mohawk has argued that American Indians are directly or indirectly responsible for the public-meeting tradition, free speech, democracy, and “all those things which got attached to the Bill of Rights.” Without the Native example, “do you really believe that all those ideas would have found birth among a people who had spent a millennium butchering other people because of intolerance of questions of religion?”

[…] Indian warfare absorbed 80 percent of the entire federal budget during George Washington’s administration and dogged his successors for a century as a major issue and expense… [in many cases] the settlers were Native American, the scalpers white.

[…] All the textbooks tell how Jefferson “doubled the size of the United States by buying Louisiana from France.” Not one points out that it was not France’s land to sell–it was Indian land… Indeed, France did not really sell Louisiana for $15,000,000. France merely sold its claim to the territory… Equally Eurocentric are the maps textbooks use to show the Lewis and Clark expedition. They make Native American invisible, implying that the United States bought vacant land from the French… [Textbooks imply that the Indians were naive about land ownership, but] the problem lay in whites’ not abiding by accepted concepts of land ownership.

[…] The most important cause of the War of 1812.. was land– Indian land… The United States fought five of the seven major land battles of the War of 1812 primarily against Native Americans… [a] result of the War of 1812 was the loss of part of our history. A century of learning [from Native Americans] was coming to a close… until 1815 the word Americans had generally been used to refer to Native Americans; after 1815 it meant European Americans… Carleton Beals has written that “our acquiescence in Indian dispossession has molded the American character.” … destroyed our national idealism. From 1815 on, instead of spreading democracy, we exported the ideology of white supremacy. Gradually we sought American hegemony over Mexico, the Philippines, much of the Caribbean basin, and, indirectly, over other nations… We also have to admit that Adolf Hitler displayed more knowledge of how we treated Native Americans than American high schoolers who rely on their textbooks. Hitler admired our concentration camps for Indians in the west “and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America’s extermination–by starvation and uneven combat” as the model for his extermination of Jews and Gypsies.

[…] Yet we “still stereotype Native Americans as roaming primitive hunting folk, unfortunate victims of progress.


Excerpts from  Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong 

by James W. Loewen

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