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Ahkmenrah x Reader: My Best Friend

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You changed into your uniform with a sigh.  You loved your job, but everyone had those days where you just didn’t feel like doing anything.  And unfortunately for you, this was one of those days. 

“Hey, Y/N!”  You heard someone call.  You closed your locker and turned around.  Your mood brightened immediately when you saw your long-time friend approach you.

“Hey, Larry,” You said while you hooked your flashlight onto your belt.  “What’s up?”

“What do you mean, ‘what’s up’?  I can’t talk to one of my best friends without an ulterior motive?”

“Well sure you can, but you have that look on your face.”  You raised your eyebrow.  He tried to come up with a successful counter argument, but failed. 

“Okay, fine.  Can you handle the Hall of Miniatures?  I took their plane away and now they won’t stop trying to tie me up.”  You laughed. 

“Fine.”  He grinned.  “But I’m not going to clean up after you forever, you know.”

“Yeah I got it.”  Shaking your head, you made your way to the Hall of Miniatures.  While the Western and Roman dioramas were happy to see you, the Aztecs were still a little bitter towards you and Larry.  You sat down at the front desk and began to pick the tiny arrows out of your hair and palms.

“So I take it your night hasn’t been going so well?”  You looked up at Ahkmenrah as he pulled another chair over and sat down next to you.

“Hey, Ahk.”  You turned back to your stinging palms.  “I forgot the hockey gear so no; it’s not off to a great start.”  He laughed as you pulled another needle out of your hand.  You hissed in pain.  Ahkmenrah’s smile faded.

“Here.”  He grabbed your hand and began to help you remove the arrows.  “Are there any more?”

“I don’t think so.  Are there any in my hair?”  He looked over your head.

“I think so.  If you turn around I can help you get them out.”                                

“That’d be great, thanks.”  You spun in your chair so your back was facing the Pharaoh.  He gently began to comb through your hair, picking out arrows as he came across them.

“You have lovely hair, Y/N.”

“Thanks.  I think the arrows add a nice touch.”  He laughed as he pulled out the last arrow.  You pushed the arrows off the counter and into your hand.  You stood up.  “I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m just going to put these in the office.  I’ll be two minutes tops.”  He nodded and you walked away.  You opened the door to the office and dropped the arrows into a small glass bowl filled with similar weapons.


“In the office!”  You replied over your shoulder as you pulled out a few Band-Aids.

“I just wanted to say thanks for dealing with the Aztecs—What happened to you?”  Larry gasped when he saw your hands.

“I forgot the hockey gear,” You shrugged.  He came over to you and took the Band-Aids from your hand.  Before you could protest, he took your hand and began to gently wrap the Band-Aids around your fingers. 

“Sorry about that.”

“Don’t be.  I was being stupid.”

“No.  I should’ve been able to suck it up and do my job.”

“Hey.”  You looked at him sharply.  “It’s my job too.”  He sighed after a moment.

“I guess you’re right.  But I still don’t want you getting hurt.”  He dropped your hands and you threw out the wrappers.

“Thanks, but I can handle myself.”

“I know.  But I’m still allowed to be worried.”  You didn’t know what to say.  Was Larry actually worried about you?  You looked around the room awkwardly.  Your eyes landed on the clock.

“…I should get going.”  You said as you slowly turned to walk away.  “I told Ahk I’d only be a few minutes.”  Larry’s mood seemed to darken, but he nodded.

“Of course,” He tried to hide his mood change, but you saw it.  “Tell him I said ‘hi’.”

“I will.”  You walked away.  What was that about?  You shrugged it off.

“That was longer than two minutes,” Ahkmenrah commented when you returned.

“Sorry,” You apologized.  “I got caught up talking to Larry.”  Ahk nodded, but something seemed off about him to.  What’s going on?  You were about to ask him, but he beat you to the punch.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Um…I was wondering if you would be willing to go on a date with me?”  He blushed at the last part and you were shocked into silence.  “I mean, you don’t have to.  All we can really do is walk around the museum so if you don’t want to I totally understand.  Like you won’t be hurting my feelings.  Well, I might be sad but I’ll get over it so—” 

“Ahk!”  You cut off his rambling with a laugh.  “Calm down.  I’d love to.”  He slowly smiled.



“Great!”  He exclaimed excitedly.  He blushed at his sudden outburst.  “I mean, great.  Let’s go.”  He stood up and offered you his hand. 

“Y/N!”  You turned around as Ahkmenrah huffed impatiently.

“Can we help you, Larry?”  Ahkmenrah asked with a slight sarcastic undertone.

“Hey, Ahk.”  He nodded at Ahkmenrah before turning to you.  “Can you go lock up the African exhibit?”


“Because Dexter stole my keys.”    You sighed and looked at Ahkmenrah apologetically.

“I’m sorry.  I’ll be five minutes, okay?”  He nodded and smiled at you.

“Of course.  Do you want me to come with you?”

“No, I’ll be fine.”  You turned and briskly walked to the African exhibit.  You heard footsteps behind you.  You turned just as Larry caught up with you.

“Mind if I tag along?”  You shrugged.

“Already are.”

“Hey, Y/N?”  He asked as you turned the corner to the African exhibit.


“Can I ask you something?”

“…Yes?”  You asked suspiciously.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go out for drinks?”


“After we lock up?  I know we’re not supposed to leave, but I think Teddy can take care of things.  Plus we’d only be gone about an hour and a half, which really isn’t that bad considering we have eight hour shifts so what do you say?”  You sighed.

“Larry, I’m sorry but I already have plans with Ahk.”


“‘So?’  You just want me to blow off Ahk?”

“He’s not going anywhere and I’m sure he’d understand.”

“Yeah, but you’re not going anywhere either.  Plus he asked me first.”

“Yeah, but…”  You looked at him suspiciously.

“Larry, are you jealous?”  He didn’t answer.  You sighed.  “Larry.  You are one of my best friends.  You’re like a brother to me.  But I like Ahk, and I think he likes me too.  I’m sorry, but I can’t go out with someone I don’t like in that way.  It wouldn’t be fair to you.  And I’m happy with the way things are now.”  He sighed after a moment and nodded.

“Okay.  As long as you’re happy.  But if he does anything to hurt you, I’m going to lock him up for at least two weeks.”  You laughed nervously.

“Please don’t.”

“Okay fine.  A week.”  You locked up the door.  “Now go on.”  You smiled and hugged him.         

“Thank you Larry.”

“Yeah yeah,” He hugged you back, and pushed you back towards the foyer.  “Go have fun on your date.”  You smiled back at him one last time before you turned back towards the foyer.

Thanks to the anon that requested this one!

So i-aint-quittin-you and I got this headcanon that Caesar is the emperor of the Roman diorama and that he is part of the Museum. Which is very cute, because he is reunited with his son and stuff.

But now, we all remember the end of NatM 3 don’t we? The whole museum was ‘dead’ when Larry and the others returned.
I read somewhere that the exhibits are still able to see and hear everything that happens around them when they are not alive, so imagine Caesar standing there and watch how his son returnes.
He isn’t able to move or talk, so he just assumes that he is able to ask the next night were Octavius had been.
But the next night he doesn’t move and he realizes there is something wrong. He just stands there staring at Octavius and knows that he never gets the change to say goodbye. and it breaks his heart.

Octavius probably thinks the same thing, he didn’t say goodbye the other night because he had just lost Jed and he didn’t want to lose his dad again. And it would be must harder to say goodbye when the other male could not respond.

Also, imagine Jed al by himself. He isn’t able to stare at Octavius or his dad, he is only surrounded by his men.

Sunny made the headcanon a little bit happier by adding this:
Larry would come in a few days later and have the exhibits arranged so that the Roman empire was across from the Western diorama (switching the Mayans with the Romans)
Jed and Octavius eyes would meet and sudden tears would appear, because they can.
Larry would softly whisper : No problem . and then walk away to see the other exhibits.

A certain person is going to kill me for this headcanon.

Octavediah - Thawed Love

Setting: During NatM3 when Tilly brings the tablet back to the NY museum for the British event.

            Octavius groans and begins to stretch. Finally, the sun has set and the tablet has brought the whole museum back to—what? Octavius straightens his helmet as his mind goes blank. “Great Caesar’s ghost!” He exclaims to himself out loud, just to make sure that what is happening, is actually happening. “Why am I alive…? Has the tablet returned?”

            Octavius leaves his station as the rest of his Romans come slowly to life. Many are confused, since Octavius had explained the situation to them before they froze. He attempts to calm them down. “Nolite comedere—Do not fret. I shall find out what is happening.”

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Roman Cowboys and Western Centurions || Clothes Swap drabble for an Anon

//It’s not that long, but I hope you like it either way, nonnie! :D

                It was one of those snotty nosed children that visited the museum. It had to have been. Octavius had not been awake during it, but he knew that it had to be one of those children. There was no other explanation as to why he’d woken dressed in something that was certainly not his military uniform. It had been the first thing he’d noticed when he’d woken. The excess fabric and how hot it seemed in his exhibit. When he’d looked down he saw why.

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NATM Characters & Their Respective Hogwarts Houses: the super lengthy analysis.

Ultimately, many of these placements were decided based upon how the characters relate and interact with others, and how the Hogwarts Houses might alter or deepen those relationships. Feel free to debate any of these how you see fit.

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Pictured is the Western gray squirrel diorama, which takes place in July, near Rogue River, Oregon.
This perspective, high in towering sugar pines, affords a rare close-up of two western gray squirrels. Unlike the extroverted eastern gray squirrel, the shy western gray prefers the seclusion of thick tree canopy. Tree squirrels are not very sociable and their encounters can turn aggressive. Squirrels challenge each other by chattering their teeth, stamping their feet and flicking their tails. Chases to assert dominance break out often.

Squirrels and trees need each other. Squirrels rely on tree seeds for nutrition, and many trees, like these sugar pines, depend upon squirrels to disperse some of their seeds.

Like all conifers, pines produce their seeds inside cones. Sugar-pine cones are huge and heavy—but western gray squirrels are big enough to haul them away. The squirrels then pluck the scales and chew the seeds inside, sometimes “in the round” like we eat corn on the cob.

Squirrels devour most seeds right away, but also bury extras to eat in winter. Forgotten seeds are thus “planted” to grow anew.

Learn more, and see the Western gray squirrel diorama in the Museum’s Hall of North American Mammals