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Relief to those who perform tedious western blots!!!!

“Biochemists may soon have more time on their hands. Researchers in Michigan have speeded up Western blotting, a biochemistry workhorse for protein separations, by coupling it to an analytical chemistry mainstay, capillary electrophoresis (CE) (Anal. Chem., DOI 10.1021/ac102671n). The new technique produces data in a quarter of the time, and with a fraction of the sample, that Western blots normally use.”

“The result is eliminating the labor-intensive gel-to-membrane transfer.”


Blot, blot, western baby. Figure one will be amazing.

I stood pipetting for a good 3 hours straight in preparation for the largest series of western blots I’ve ever ran requiring a total of 108 wells split among six gels for the lack of a giant contraption to run such a gel, if I could even make something like that.

You’d think that my arms and shoulders would be sore as heck from all of the repetitive motion, especially since I was working at blazing speed to get all of my samples into loading lysates before I had to leave, but amazingly, they’re not. I think I am the perfect height for working on the lab benches while standing up. Who needs a class on ergonomics, when standing works out perfectly for me. 

But my, do I have my work cut out for me next week.