westergard family

Modern!AU Frozen. Westergard and Arendelle families had been rivals for years. But what about Hans and Elsa? Requested by my sister.

He was 23 and she was 21 when they first officially met.

Almost immediately, they felt attracted to each other. But at the time, they were blinded by their loyalty to their respective families. He hated her because she was everything he wanted to be, and everything he wanted to have. She hated because he tricked her sister and broke her heart just to spite her.

She was 35 and he was 37 when everything changed.

She became the calm in his storm, and he was became warmth in her cold. She couldn’t imagine a life without him, and he’d rather die if she wasn’t in his life. Despite everything their families told them, they ended up running away together because it was for the best.

She always hated fairy tales, and he thought love was bullshit. In a way, they had always been destined for each other. It just took them years to see that.


Some concept work from a discontinued collaborative project in adapting the first few chapters of Spun, a beautiful Frozen fanfiction by @lamotrijane​ (sidewalk serfer girl) into a 3D fancomic. 

The banners would have been edited to have the Westergard “W” navy blue family crest.  Enoch’s and Alma’s bases were from Kingdom Hearts. The last image of Hans and Elsa is not in the story, but was one of two scenes created to experiment with the comic’s key lighting (I’ll post the other in another post.) The room shown here would have been (spoilers) the chamber where Hans and Elsa were locked in.

Credits: Disney, じん, Shaka-zl, Jakkaeront, 0-0-Alice-0-0, Kingdom Hearts, Suqare Enix, wintrydrop, lamotrijane, will add more. Disclaimer: I do not own any nor have any association with Disney properties.