#001 :: The Photography Of A Television Series
AMC’s “Hell On Wheels”

Recently I stumbled across a trailer for this series.
I have a great fascination with westerns, so watching this trailer really made me hungry for seeing what this one was all about.

The photography of this didn’t blow my mind like HBO’s “Deadwood” - But I must say that I really makes up for it in story, characters and some amazing music montages - where some stunning pictures just totally captures you in the time right after the civil war in America.

Taken place in the country side and showing us a life “On Wheels” - in the manner of speaking of the travelling town “Hell On Wheels”, which followed the progression of the build rail-road.
We get some interesting shots, which is kinda hard for me to explain, all I can say is that it surprised me tremendously, and really think it deserves more attention.

Here is a link for the trailer that got me hooked, maybe it will do so for you as well? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNtf088Oz0o

West Edo

Wolves, yellow bellied bastards

Cowboys and grave robbers

Sisters of joy, some young mothers

Gamblers with the devils tongues

A sickened place, where justice only has one eye

We can settle our problems at high noon

You bring your boys, I got mine

Get ready to dine with the devil prick

Some cold Hattori steel, primed your Smith & Wesson

Hell’s hounds biting at your heels

Breath slow and release

Bless the man still standing on his feet.