The second cast for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

The new character portraits for Cast two of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child have been released and their stunning! I’m loving the aesthetic and how that last years background was blue and this years is a greyish brown. I really hope that I’ll be able to see the second cast on stage!

Princes and kisses
  • *watching beauty and the beast, transformation scene plays*
  • Erik: well, that's not fair.
  • Christine: what do you mean?
  • Erik: he gets told he's loved, and kissed and transforms into this handsome man.
  • Christine: well yes, that's the whole point of the story.
  • Erik: I know. I just wish... oh never mind I'm being silly.
  • Christine: no, go on. What's upset you?
  • Erik: I... I just wish that happened to me when you kissed me. Then I could be handsome for you and not some ugly leper.
  • Christine: but I don't want a handsome prince.
  • Erik: really?
  • Christine: yes. I'm perfectly happy with the man I married. Yes you're not handsome in appearance but you are in so many other ways.
  • Erik: *softly smiling* thank you, my love.
  • Christine: *kisses him on the cheek and snuggles into his side* no problem, my wonderful prince.

Made an old timey Spotify machine for The lovely Sophie the other day! ☆*.o(≧▽≦)o still a bit bleedy but you get the idea💖✨ Thanks so lady! ☺️✌🏼✨
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The Old Iron Bridge by Alistair
Via Flickr:
The old footbridge over the Kelvin at the back of the botanics.


2nd August 2015 I discovered my hero was going to be on the West End stage and I knew I had to meet him.

20th October 2015 marked the day I won the front row ticket lotto for The Winter’s Tale and I finally saw him perform on stage in front of me.

What followed was me attempting to meet him at stage door after the shows which never happened. Then December last year, as I was going to my bus stop after seeing Les Liaisons at Donmar Warehouse and passing the Garrick, without a second thought, I walked straight into someone and my plastic bag of stuff broke and the guy that I bumped into, and was bending down to help me pick the stuff up was the one and only Sir Kenneth Branagh. I was speechless plus the most amazing (sort of) coincidence ever was the fact I had my copy of Much Ado About Nothing all ready signed by Robert Sean Leonard in the plastic bag (I’d been taking it to work everyday on the off chance I won the lotto again or decided to try Kenneth at stage door) which he happily signed. I was also so taken aback about how shy he was in real life but he was so kind and adorable.

The second time I saw him was months after in March after being lucky enough to attend the press night and after party of his play - Painkiller. Turns out that in a party/social setting he is a LOT less shy but I’d drunk too much (for courage to approach him) and still didn’t get to have a proper convo with him.

Third time was May and I had staged doored Matt Smith that morning. I then went to the Garrick to pick up tickets for Romeo and Juliet and whilst my friend waited for Richard Madden to turn up. Kenneth Branagh struck again! And as always, in London, I’m armed with a Shakespeare book I want signed for my collection and I chose a couple to take out based on who’s out and about whose doing theatre just in case :) so his back to shy self was happy to sign my Love’s Labour’s lost.

Forth Time - about a week later. Again, lucky enough to attend the press night show and after party for Romeo and Juliet. And again drunk a bit too much for courage to talk to (not shy, party mode) Kenneth. I managed to ask him what his fave Shakespeare was and I thought I’d get a simple answer. He instead gave me an extremely comprehensive reply which included his fave changing with the weather and seasons and I have to admit my dumb drunk ass self was half concentrating on the answer and half concentrating on the fact he seemed cool with my hand I’d left lingering on his shoulder for the whole duration of his explanation.

Fifth Time - July, I went to Starbuck’s during the interval of a play (the women’s toilets get as crowded in a theatre as in a bloody nightclub) and as I was queuing for the loo, I turn around and Kenneth is queuing right behind me. I stare at him in shock for a few seconds as he’s texting away (he uses iPhone big font as if he couldn’t get anymore adorable) and finally interrupt him (politely of course). Shy mode is back which makes me in turn shy and awkward and we share some words which involve me praising the season of plays and him being thankful :)

Sixth time - August, The Entertainer play; Last press night and afterparty for the Branagh Season. I drunk less this time and was ready approach him, I tapped him on the shoulder when he was finally alone and he turned round and just automatically said ‘Hello darling’ and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Boy, did I freak out internally. My friend does an amazing impression of my expression as this happened haha -_- I don’t think he recognised me, I’m sure it was just a drunken auto response of his but hey, I’m not complaining :) unfortunately didn’t get to talk long as super busy.

Seventh, eighth, ninth time - obviously I didn’t get Kenneth to sign my Shakespeare books in the middle of a party. And getting him after the plays was a thing that only like three people achieved during the whole year seasons of plays but I’d heard he was happy to sign before the shows on matinee days as he arrived at like 10am even though the show stared at 2pm :’) so September and then again twice in November including the last day of the Branagh Season (this entire season meant a lot to me, I’d seen all six shows on average 7 times each, I’d made good friends with some cast members, the staff at the Garrick were lovely and I’d taken all my mates to see shows. It was perfect. And I spend a lot of time at the theatre anyway - 2 to 3 shows a week averaged out through the year. But the Branagh season will always have a special place in my West End shaped heart) I finally gave him the letter I’d been drafting for like the past year but kept changing it when each new play in the season hit the stage aha. And I got to say thank you for everything and it meant the world to me :)

So that’s the long story of how I went from just having a dream of meeting my hero to basically getting drunk and meeting him but somehow managing not to turn into a blubbering mess in front of him several times :D