westen new york flash

The WPS needs to revamp their playoff system.

This may come off as me being a bitter magicJack fan (I’m not) and anti WNY Flash (I’m not), but the fact that the WNY Flash are automatically in the championship game is ridiculous. I get that the WPS is a very small league (6 teams) that is struggling to survive but winning the regular season should not equate to championship game and whoever came up with that idea needs to be slapped.

No other major US sports league allows their number 1 seed to get an automatic bid the championship. If the NBA went by the WPS playoff format, the Spurs would not have been eliminated from the playoffs in the 1st round because they would’ve been in San Antonio chillin’ and waiting for the Finals to begin.

Here’s my solution; the top seed (WNY Flash) play the bottom seed (Boston Breakers) and the 2nd seed (Philadelphia Independence) play the 3rd seed (Boca Raton magicJack). That way teams don’t get free rides to the championship without any post season play.


Now that I’m done venting GO WNY FLASH!!!

*please excuse any grammatical and spelling errors, i’m way to lazy to go back and read what i just typed