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Richard Harmon Supanova Panel

So today it was my pleasure and privilege to meet the incredibly sweet and funny Richard Harmon at Supanova Expo in Perth and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life! Here are a few highlights from his panel this afternoon (ie what I managed to jot down on my phone as people were firing questions at him):

• He came out dressed in a West Coast Eagles uniform (for anyone who doesn’t know, they’re one of Perth’s two Australian Rules Football teams) complete with blue foam hands and a beanie with blue and yellow dreadlocks

• He’s been an Eagles fan for about four years now and he’s going to his first live game tonight

• He apparently enjoys being covered in blood when he has to film scenes where Murphy gets beaten up (go figure…)

• He originally auditioned for Bellamy (although he said he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to get it)

• Murphy (who was originally to be known as “John no. 1”) was supposed to be killed off in 1X02, but after seeing Richard’s incredible performance while filming the pilot episode, Jason went back and did a major rewrite to give Murphy’s character a bigger role

• Richard’s favourite scene to film was the scene at the start of 3X01 where Murphy is locked in the bunker and in his words, “going crazy”

• His least favourite scenes to film are scenes where he doesn’t get to do anything because he gets super bored just standing around

• When asked where he sees Murphy’s character after the time jump, he said that he would like to see him in more of a leadership role because he thinks Murphy would make a great leader

• He also thinks that Murphy will no longer be so much of an outsider after having spent six years with the Space Squad

• Bellamy and Jaha are his favourite characters on The 100…apart from Murphy

• His dream role would be Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol because he reminds him a lot of Murphy

• His Hogwarts house, according to Pottermore, is Hufflepuff, but he sees himself as more of a Slytherin

• On that note, his favourite Harry Potter character is Remus Lupin because he loves wolves

• Bob is his favourite scene partner because they really push each other and are very competitive with each other when they’re filming together

• The most emotional scene that he has had to shoot was the scene in 4X08 where Emori is taken away so that they can test nightblood on her

• If he wasn’t an actor he’d want to be a food critic because he loves food

• When asked about his “guilty pleasures”, he responded that he doesn’t have any because he stands behind his choices

• If he could be a dinosaur he’d want to be a raptor (even though they’re small)

• If he could be a superhero, he’d want to have powers like Nightcrawler from X Men

• If he could be a Disney character, he’d want to be Scar from The Lion King

@foreverfreo i thought so! dunno what he’s doing hanging out with the west coast players, or maybe just a coincidence. maybe perth only has one pub/hangout place/etc 

he wants to be an eagle. west coast have given up on faz and trying to trade josh hill for michael walters 

Algy gazed out across the deep blue sea towards the Small Isles and the mountains of the Isle of Skye on the horizon. Suddenly, he caught sight of a large shape in the sky and a wee flash of white: a huge white-tailed sea eagle was soaring overhead. For a moment Algy considered taking cover - although there were very few places to hide on the open hillside - but it soon became apparent that the eagle did not consider a fluffy bird to be worthy of its attention, and in a few minutes more it had swept away on the wind, moving so rapidly out to sea that it was soon completely lost in the blue.