Hello! So a while ago, tommoxsyndrome​ asked if I could do Drag Me Down in ASL, and here it is. If you’d like to learn how to sign this song, take a look here and here

I keep seeing that text post about wanting humans in scifi to not be the default species and to be seen as hideous and terrifying to other species


I kind of want to see one where humans are treated as the rabid chihuahua of all species. Like some people are kind of scared of humanity because it’s loud and boisterous and aggressive, and some think it’s so cute that we’ve got such big opinions of ourselves. But mostly we’re seen as small and frivolous and kind of annoying.

  • psychic:*reads my mind*
  • me:Zayn Malik deserves so much happiness. Zayn Malik is such a special Boy. Zayn Malik's heart is made of pure goodness. Zayn Malik's tongue is sweet and sharp and makes me feel so alive. Zayn Malik's voice is like a choir of celestial angels playing directly into his vocal chords. Zayn Malik loves his family so much and they love him just as much. Zayn Malik is the biggest nerdass this world has ever seen. Zayn Malik's smile shines brighter than the sun. Zayn Malik's eyes twinkle like the night stars. Zayn Malik's teeth are so beautiful like wtf Zayn can you chill with your perfect teeth?! Zayn Malik's nose is literally the most perfect nose and when he smiles it scrunches in the most adorable way. Zayn Malik has no ass but he'll never lose an opportunity to slap a booty. Zayn Malik is a respectful, kind and silly little bub. Zayn Malik is smol but all of him is beautiful and delightful and worthy. Zayn Malik YO!
  • psychic:... same.